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It’s winter in New Hampshire. Or we prepare for it. While we enjoy beautiful summers and autumns, we must be mindful of the danger of rusting on our cars, pipe bursts, and snow-infested homes. Get a snowplow before that happens!

We are an authorized Hiniker Snow Plow dealer. We have a full line of snowplows, sanders, and other equipment to suit every need. We can match anyone with the right equipment in our Milford or Nashua stores, whether a homeowner wants to clear their driveway or a business owner looking to maintain their parking lot.

Hiniker C-Plow is an excellent choice for heavy-duty jobs. It has the same strength as a traditional plow but with the added functionality and back drag. This makes it possible to clear congested parking lots and residential driveways, and loading docks more quickly than ever before. With a unique blade, the Hiniker C-Plow transforms from a traditional plow to a back drag blow at the touch of a button. This versatility makes it easy to plow garage aprons and corners, curbs, loading docks, or tight corners. Just press a button to switch. Hiniker has many snow plows available for purchase. Hiniker also offers straight blades, v plows, and other options. Hiniker has the perfect plow for you.

The Hiniker snowplows are unmatched in performance and look great. The plow’s poly moldboard (or stainless steel) is color-impregnated so that you don’t have to repaint it. It is also corrosive-free, dent-resistant, and corrosive-free. Some models include extra features like super-bright, halogen lights which allow you to see better while plowing and make it safer.

It can be hard to handle four feet of snow. High-quality snowplows make winter much more accessible. To find the right equipment to fit your vehicle, visit our Milford, NH facility.

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