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Every company, corporation, or business puts a high premium on profit. How could they not? Operating in the black, rather than red, is as essential to long-term prosperity as a beating heart is for organic life. Many corporations, however, forget their ultimate higher purpose. Business should be, ultimately, in the business of facilitating an easier life for its customer base. Even craven profiteers must, eventually, bow to serving some public good or else face extinction – though your definition of what constitutes a public good will undoubtedly vary, at least to some degree, from my own.

Bluewill is intent on serving the public’s interest and turning a profit. This recent arrival in the world of e-commerce sets a bold agenda for itself on the customer service front and matches it with action. There is a clear connection between their social contributions and guarantees for those using their services. The same spirit offering customers two-year limited warranties on every item they purchase lives in the “Dimes Make A Difference” profit sharing program. Bluewill puts ten cents of every dollar made towards purchasing N95 face masks later disturbed for free to assorted high schools throughout the United States.

They have a strong infrastructure in place for getting their name out there. The basis of the company’s philosophy is the idea of “Sharing is Saving”. Bluewill customers begin or participate in what’s referred to as a “group buy” where they place an order, pay to create a group, and spread word of up to 70% in savings on top-shelf products to their friends. Networking through an array of social platforms and the company’s strong affiliate program harbors enormous potential for engagement.


The affiliate program will attract many. It is a referral-based rewards system offering customers up to 30% in commissions for bringing new purchases to Bluewill. Internet savvy users and frequent e-commerce users will enjoy the opportunities provided by the company’s policy of unlimited payouts.

Their attitude of sparing customers undue financial burdens marks them as something different. The aforementioned warranties coming with each purchase are paired, as well, with a two-week money back guarantee on all purchases. It is through offers and policies such as these that, in some ways, observers can measure a company’s self-confidence. If this is true, then Bluewill possesses a well-deserved swagger certain to yield tremendous results.

Time will tell, of course, but they are unquestionably on the right track. If they aren’t already, other e-commerce outlets should take note – the pandemic has disrupted much and punched the accelerator on the industry’s development. No one can afford to stand pat. It is easy to get the sense that Bluewill is still, relatively speaking, in its infancy and will continue expanding their services and innovating. Their website reveals even more, without question, and its accessibility encourages customers, potential or otherwise, to revisit. In times such as these, you can’t put a price on the friendly and comprehensive experience companies such as Bluewill provide. Long may they flourish and serve the public. 

Kim Muncie

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