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Australia-born and Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer Saint Rien
announces the release of new visuals for his latest hit single, the explorative “Medusa.”

The music video is written, directed, and produced by Saint Rien, and features Ariah Janay, as Saint Rien’s
wife. The couple is captured at home, with Saint Rien sitting at the table using clippings to create his
dream girl by cutting and gluing the clippings of a face together. Representing the routine that couples go
through during relationships, knowing that they’re with the wrong person. The visuals also intertwine
captions writing: “How will it end?,” leaving space for doubts and acknowledgment for all the mental
confusion that often determine the sustainability of relationships over time. It is a true homage to The
Truman Show and Saint has said he was inspired by the movie when writing the script.

“Medusa” follows-up to “Why2,” “Like You” and “Tell The Truth,” premiered on Wonderland Magazine,
marking the launch of Saint Rien’s solo career earlier this year.

In high school, Saint Rien joined the Australian Post-Hardcore sensation Storm the Sky as frontman and
emerged as the key songwriter. For the next eight years, the band quietly became a phenomenon Down
Under, touring with everyone from Sleeping With Sirens and The Used, to Pierce the Veil.

Putting up millions of streams, and earning the endorsement of Rolling Stone, among other publications.
As they parted ways in 2018, he turned his attention towards a dormant ambition. Inspired by everyone
from Frank Ocean and Tyler, The Creator to Thom Yorke and Jeff Buckley, he holed up in a Los Angeles
apartment and built what would become Saint Rien. He lived on couch cushions on the floor of his
friends’ recording studio for 6 months learning how to produce.

In 2021, he put this plan into motion with “l’année”. A brazen 12 singles over 12 months as well as two
EP’s. Surveying struggles with substance abuse, depression and anxiety as well as the ups and downs of
relationships, he transforms personal and relatable experiences effortlessly. Turning them into soulfully
strange and slick anthems powered by a vocal range that spans 4 octaves (F2 to F6) and paired with a
casual lyrical prowess and intimate song-craft.

Saint Rien has a Bowie-esque mystique clearly felt throughout his latest works in which seemingly far
apart genres merged effortlessly. His music is simultaneously dark and inviting, nostalgic and hopeful,
while elements of indie, funk, rock, alternative hip-hop and experimental textures intertwin in a special
chemistry. He naturally strives to create his very own aesthetics, made of a complex layering of
atmospheric sensuality, organic and electronic textures merged into an uplifting atmosphere.

“Medusa” is one more addition to Saint Rien’s already impressive sonic portfolio, dropped alongside
visuals set to invite the viewers to have a closer glimpse of who Saint Rien really is, and in a subtle
mirroring effect, who we all are, in relationships and beyond.

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