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We live in a fast-paced world, and the pace of life seems to be progressively increasing from generation to generation. It doesn’t seem that the Eagles were singing about “Life in the Fast Lane” long ago. It is a sobering thought to consider that we are now two generations further down the track from those days.

For teenagers growing up in the 2020s, the pressures have only become more markedly immense. Many of these pressures are ages-old – peer group pressure and the need to fit in. Questions of body image and sexuality remain clear issues.

Then there is the question of deciding upon employment and career choices in an increasingly competitive world.

Values and interests

For parents who are faced with broaching the subject of career choices with their children, there is a natural balance of wanting to allow teens the opportunity to simply grow up and enjoy life and the desire to see them finding themselves in a job that will provide security and peace of mind.

Perhaps the most logical starting point is to evaluate a young adult’s natural interests and passions and to build from there.

This is a relatively easy prospect for some, and many teenagers already have some sense of basic direction with what interests and inspires them.

For others, evaluating a set of broad values can greatly assist in getting a starting point in the search for a career. A set of factors can be considered, including:

  • Whether a high salary is important.
  • The question of work flexibility – location and desired hours of working.
  • Whether a person functions better as a team member or prefers working alone or with minimal workmates.
  • Whether a person wants to be their own boss or manage a business.
  • How well the person takes directions and follows instructions.


Developing careers in technology

Perhaps one of the questions in a parent’s mind is just how a particular career choice will weather the test of time. That is, will redundancy be a possibility in the not too distant future, or is the career in an industry that is secure and future proofed?

An example of this is the field of technology. A glance at the progression of society and technology over the past couple of decades might show that computer sciences and related fields have seen strong growth, but more importantly, they show signs of long-term reliability and longevity. Computers and cloud technology have become big growth areas, with developing AI, or ‘artificial intelligence’ technology likely to play a huge role in our future lives.  A range of courses are already in place, such as aws cloud certification to address this growing sector.


Healthcare and caring for others

In broad terms, the healthcare industry is also growing, and the need for people to care for human health will always exist. With a steadily aging world population, the need for healthcare workers makes this a career area with multiple options and opportunities. This also includes the fitness industry, as an increasing number of people are becoming health and fitness conscious.

Mapping a career path

Remember to avoid placing undue pressure on teenagers when considering the prospects of a future career. By approaching the topic from the perspective of a person’s interests, skills, and passions, the first steps in planning out a career path can actually be a time of excitement rather than an exercise fraught with worry and concern.

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