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It’s been a little bit since we have had the opportunity to cover a dry herb vaporizer for the magazine. After a few months of experience with the Utillian we’re pretty familiar with the tool.

The positives: The chamber is deceptively large. The device heats up in record time, with little more than 20-30 seconds required to get up to the proper temperature. The modular design of the Utillian 421 ensures that it is quite easy to clean and/or replace the mouthpiece or screen. The ability of the purchaser to customize the device is high as well – an airflow knob is intuitive and keeps the proper amount present at all points. The screen easily indicates the temperature of the device, while the 5-button-press to turn the vaporizer on and off decreases the chance that someone will turn it on by accident. With a price point of $75, the Utillian 421 vaporizer marries smart design and ample functions with a price point that practically anyone can cover.

The negatives: Despite there being a number of things that put this vaporizer heads and shoulders above others in a similar price range, there are still a few drawbacks to this device. While the battery charges in rapid succession, it discharges very quickly. The metal elements of the mouthpiece reach a similar chamber as the chamber. While burning oneself is more of a situation of operator error, the shortness of the mouthpiece makes a bit of scalding commonplace over the course of multiple sessions. The diminutive size of the herb chamber makes it a bit hard to clean.

For additional information about the vaporizer and the company, check out their website. The Utillian 421 comes in a number of colorways while the company offers other add-ons for those seeking different experiences from the device.

Rating: 8.2/10

Utillian 421 Dry Herb Vaporizer / Domain / $74.99

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