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Las Vegas is famous for its bustling nightlife and luxurious casinos. However, this city is also a well-known hub for innovation. With many tech companies developing new technologies in the Las Vegas Valley, it is no surprise that more and more businesses are starting to add cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

As the most popular cryptocurrency on the market, Bitcoin is usually among the first few digital currencies companies accept. It creates many spending opportunities for those who visit the most populous city in the state of Nevada and have some extra Bitcoins resting in their digital wallets.

If you are part of this group, you can utilize your Bitcoins to book your hotel room, play casino games, eat at exclusive restaurants, or indulge in shopping near the Las Vegas Strip. Here are some of the best ways to entertain yourself by spending Bitcoins in Vegas.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency on the market. Unlike traditional currencies, this digital currency is not controlled by any nation’s government or central bank. It is managed by an open-source computer network that conducts its transactions through a public ledger called blockchain.

Each Bitcoin transaction is recorded on this ledger. This process makes it nearly impossible to forge Bitcoins, which are also referred to as “mining”. Bitcoins are created through a process called mining using specialized computers that solve complex mathematical algorithms.

Playing Games at Casinos

You can use your Bitcoins to play games at multiple casinos in Vegas. In fact, two major casinos on the Las Vegas Strip — the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino and The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel — are among the first establishments to offer Bitcoin payouts at their tables. If you have some extra Bitcoins in your digital wallet, make sure to visit these casinos before your trip comes to an end!

The Golden Gate is home to almost 500 gaming machines. On its website, it states that it is “the first casino to accept Bitcoin for both slot play and cash withdrawals”.

However, you can also gamble online. At sites like, you can find multiple games that you can play using your Bitcoins. These websites have different games available for their clients to enjoy.

Booking a Hotel Room

Most notably, Resorts World, a casino-resort accepts Bitcoins, and it is not the only place of this kind in Las Vegas. However, keep in mind that some hotels accept Bitcoins only for their suite reservations. For other hotel services, you can still pay with your credit card or PayPal account.

The Golden Gate Hotel and Casino is another one of the few hotels in Las Vegas that accepts Bitcoin payments. It is located on the world famous Fremont Street, an ideal place to spend your time while traveling through this city. The Golden Gate Hotel and Casino accepts Bitcoins for hotel bookings, food, and drinks. Moreover, if you want to use Bitcoins to pay for casino games, gambling at the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino might be your best option.

Eating Out in Vegas

After indulging in a variety of casino games and taking photos in front of the iconic ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign, you might want to enjoy a nice dinner at a local restaurant. However, if you do not want to spend your entire budget in one go, you should consider joining a food tour instead.

The Sin City Foodie Tours is one of the most famous food tours in Las Vegas. Every Saturday, this company leads its participants through the iconic Las Vegas Strip and teaches them about the history and culture of this city while they sample food and drinks at various eateries along the way. If you have already spent a lot of time in casinos or playing poker games at a local gambling club, you might want to try out this unique food tour instead.

Alternatively, you can spend Bitcoins at several locations in Las Vegas. These include Ketchup Burger Bar, if you want to sate your hunger with delicious food, and Rocket Fizz, in case you are looking to buy some soda or candy. There are also many food trucks in Las Vegas that accept Bitcoin payments. You can even order your favorite pizza from Pizza for Coins who will deliver it right to your door.


Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. It is also becoming a hot spot for crypto enthusiasts. This is why more and more businesses in Las Vegas are starting to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

If you want to travel to this destination and spend your Bitcoins on entertainment, you have many options available to you. You can use your Bitcoins to book a hotel room, gamble at casinos, eat out at restaurants, or shop for souvenirs or products. All you have to do is choose those that fit your interests and budget. Good luck and have fun!

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