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Have you ever wondered why you are sending out those save the dates at all? After all, formal invitations can do the job too, right? So why do you need to go an extra mile to make sure everyone knows about your event?

Save the dates and invitations to ensure that our guests know they are invited to an event while also giving them enough time to prepare in advance or manage their schedules. Of course, save the date cards are no replacement for formal invitations; they make the invitation procedure slightly easier.

What Are The Benefits Of Sending Save The Date Cards?

Wondering why you should not settle for sending the plain old invitations as is the custom? Here is a list of reasons why save the date cards are worth it:

Makes budgeting easier:

If you are holding your wedding or other ceremonies in aan exotic place somewhere abroad or far from your hometown, it will be wise to give your close ones early notice. As not everyone can afford expensive trips out of town, some guests will appreciate the advance notice and time and space to make adequate decisions.

Moreover, for someone with a busy schedule, it is great to have enough time to look into travel costs, facilities, and hotel accommodations without making a rushed, ill-researched decision.

More time to send invites:

Often couples rush to send invites to the guests for fear of sending too late and risking empty tables. But save the dates, advanced notifications as they are, prevent just this. So even if all the organizing specifics do delay your sending invites, the damage is not too great; because your guests had already been informed a few months ago.

Although, the maximum you should delay is six weeks before the event or ceremony and no more; because the guests have to book gifts, reserve hotel rooms, and whatnot.

It gives you time to collect mailing addresses:

It does not matter if you are sending digital, traditional, or clear save the date cards; they give you ample time to collect your guests’ email addresses. Moreover, you can also obtain a mailing address if needed. Although this might seem pretty inconsequential now, it is not so when the actual invites are sent out.

Thus, sending save the dates saves you from this particular form of panic and allows you to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of event planning, such as cake tasting and decoration tutorials.

A test run for your event theme:

Wedding themes hold a lot of importance. The decoration, dresses of bridesmaids, and the invitation color scheme all have to be in sync with each other. It can be quite stressful to make appropriate arrangements for all of this.

So save the dates give you a choice to play with your theme. It is not possible to put your imagined theme to test, so save the dates act as your wedding’s first real manifestation (and a theme trial run too).

Since save the dates are a new wedding tradition, as any, they give you enough room to make changes to your wedding theme. Thus, even if your save the dates’ theme does not match your wedding theme, it will be quite alright.

An advance notice:

Advance notice to any event is always appreciated, especially for weddings, as everybody wants to look their best at their friend’s wedding. Thus, you could preserve the spirit of a nice host and give your guests ample time to prepare.

Moreover, your guests can also manage other commitments and plan around them. Moreover, your guests will know that they are invited, so it won’t be a huge problem even if you are a little late in sending the wedding invitations.


Save the date cards are a convenient start to your wedding season. They allow you a glimpse into the practicalities of the wedding season or any other event that you may be organizing. Moreover, they certainly help one take the edge off the panic that shadows big events.

Save the date cards are affordable and have lots of benefits. You are bound to love these cards and invitations because of their numerous benefits and styling opportunities.

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