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Perhaps you just purchased a new home and are ready to landscape your new property, or maybe you have had your home for a while and want to make some home improvements. Curb appeal is a huge part of increasing your property’s resale value, and especially if you are looking to sell your home soon, adding beautiful landscaping can really boost the resale value of your home. Or maybe you are planning to stay in your home for years to come and are wondering if the cost of installing artificial grass is worth it.

Will the artificial grass look real? Will it last for years? Will there be a lot of maintenance required to keep the artificial grass looking nice? Rest assured, our artificial grass installation experts at Sportech answer those questions and more below.

Artificial Grass Is Durable and Lasts for Years

Installing artificial grass can be costly, but the savings you will reap over time makes up for the initial financial investment. Planting natural grass comes with risks that artificial grass does not. Having to keep your natural lawn healthy means replacing all or part of your lawn fairly regularly, whereas artificial grass can last for 20 years with high-quality turf. When you have a natural lawn, you need to consider weather changes and how your lawn will withstand the hot summer months and the cold and snowy winter months.

Preparing your lawn for the coming dry and hot summer weather or cold and icy winter weather can be costly. Repairing any damage caused by the summer and winter months takes further financial investment to keep your lawn looking healthy and fresh. Puddles from melting snow and ice can cause natural grass to die off or grow fungi that can kill your grass.

Artificial grass is installed with water drainage in mind, making puddles a thing of the past, and since it is not a living plant, you don’t have to worry about diseases killing off your lawn. You won’t have to replant grass after a hot and dry summer. Artificial grass is a great investment for years to come.

Save Money on Your Water Bill

Natural grass requires a lot of water to keep your lawn healthy. There is no way around having a large water bill each month if you maintain a property with natural grass. You will need to water your grass daily during the hot summer months to keep it looking healthy. If you live in an area with drought restrictions, this means your lawn may need to die off each summer to avoid any water restriction fines, which can be costly. That also means your lawn will not look green and fresh while you wait for the summer to pass by so that you can regrow your lawn.

Artificial grass may need a hosing down to clean it on occasion, but it will never require regular watering—and it will always look lush and green. You’ll save on your water bill every month, which quickly adds to your return on investment.

Low-Cost Maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of installing artificial grass is the time you get back in your life—time that used to be spent on lawn maintenance. When you are maintaining live grass, you need to mow your lawn weekly, weed to remove invasive plants that will spread and take over your lawn, rake in the fall and spring to remove dead plant matter to keep disease away, and water regularly. You also need to keep your lawn fertilized and periodically seed your lawn to fill in bare spots that show over time.

With artificial turf, you no longer have to mow your lawn or make sure your lawn stays hydrated or fertilized. You also don’t have to purchase or maintain the tools to keep your lawn looking neat and fresh, such as a lawnmower, weed trimmer, edger, or seed spreader. If you normally pay a lawn care company to come weekly or biweekly to maintain your lawn, that is savings back in your pocket too, as it won’t be needed once you install artificial turf in place of a live lawn.

To maintain your artificial turf, you may need to sweep your lawn to remove any debris that has collected over time or rake your artificial turf to raise any blades that may have been pushed flat by regular traffic. Heavy lawn maintenance becomes a thing of the past once you install artificial grass, which means more free time for you. And more time to enjoy your beautiful yard.

Artificial Grass Is Environmentally Friendly

Natural lawns require chemicals to keep pests and diseases away and to stay looking green and healthy. Live lawns also require a lot of water to keep them hydrated and fertilizers to provide nutrition. When you install artificial grass, you avoid all of the above.

You no longer waste thousands of gallons of water each year watering your lawn. It takes a little over a half-gallon of water to provide just an inch of water to just one square foot of lawn. Multiply that over the entire square footage of your lawn over the years, and that is a lot of water saved by installing artificial grass. Some states that battle drought conditions offer cash-for-grass rebate programs, which means you can earn money back just for installing artificial grass. Check with your artificial grass installers to see if your state offers a rebate program in your area.

You also avoid adding chemical fertilizers and pesticides to your lawn with artificial grass. When you add these components to a natural lawn, they eventually get caught in the runoff and end up in the water table. This isn’t an issue with artificial grass. It’s perfectly safe for the environment.

Increase the Property Value of Your Home

Not only will installing artificial grass benefit you in all the above-listed ways, but it will also increase the property value of your home. Having artificial grass installed is a huge selling point that will pay itself back in a few short years. If you are interested in installing artificial grass, contact the installation experts at Sportech today.

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