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The jazz-heavy track is minimalist in nature but it’s that simplicity is what gives the track its replay value. “Blurred is a very jazzy beat,” shares Mr. Käfer, “that is a reference to my personal musical roots as a beatmaker. A jazzy piano chord progression with knocking drums, subtle synthesizer pads and saxophone hits are the main ingredients for this song.” Mr. Käfer joins a growing lo-fi artist community at Nettwerk, alongside artists such as Phlocalyst, frumhere, goosetaf, Oatmello, Nathan Kawanishi and more. Last year, Mr. Käfer released a collaborative album with Phlocalyst called Now / Again, garnering nearly 10 million Spotify streams.
Blurred” is available at digital retailers here
Inner Mirrors Tracklist 
What Now
Counting Days
9 to 5
From Above

Artist Biography:
Mr. Käfer is a Cologne-based beatmaker and producer. While there is no mistaking the early influence of the jazz greats and 90‘s hip hop, Mr. Käfer has a dynamic sound that continues to develop. His music is nostalgic but understated, with deep introspective vibes. Originally from Austria and Algeria, Mr. Käfer draws creative inspiration from nature and from his travels in the world as well as other artists in the scene and different music genres. He studied Audio Design in Salzburg and has released on Chillhop Music, Melting Pot Music and others.

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