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Learning how to grow your LinkedIn Business Page carries huge benefits for businesses. LinkedIn is the best social networking app for companies to use to reach a wider audience and grow their brands online, and a Business Page is the most effective tool companies have.

Rather than creating a personal profile, you should make a dedicated LinkedIn company page for your business. With this, you can attract huge amounts of new connections and generate traffic to your website, ultimately increasing your profit margin as you convert customers.

Ready to create a successful LinkedIn Business Page? You’ve come to the right place – just follow our LinkedIn marketing strategy tips, and you’ll grow your brand’s following before you know it.

9 Simple Tips to Grow Your LinkedIn Business Page

Knowing how to properly enhance your LinkedIn following is the number one way to quickly gain success on the platform. Here are the best practices you should follow to grow your LinkedIn Business Page:

1) Spruce up Your LinkedIn Company Profile

Having a fully complete profile is important to growing your LinkedIn Business Page because it allows members to understand why they should engage with your brand.

You should attract people right away with appealing visuals, including a great profile image, a good banner image, and a visible brand logo. These will draw people in and make them interested to learn more, so add your website URL in a clear location for them to click on.

2) Write a Good “About Us” Section Using Descriptive Keywords

Your company’s “About Us” section is the number one place people go to for a description of what your business offers. A great “About Us” section can convert customers and increase your Business Page’s following, but a poorly written one can turn users away.

Write your section to be as engaging as possible, and include keywords that will help your page appear in LinkedIn’s search results. Detailing what your company does in as concise a manner as possible will help you rank higher in LinkedIn’s algorithm.

3) Post Relevant & Valuable Content

LinkedIn Business Pages can achieve more reach to their audience by posting high-quality, shareable content that people find useful.

Find the most relevant information you can that aligns with your company’s niche, and share it with your followers for them to gain insight. This strategic content marketing will make people see you as a valuable resource of information and follow you.

4) Publish Engaging Videos & Images

As people scroll through their LinkedIn feeds, they’re faced with all sorts of content, so it often takes a post with attractive visuals to draw users’ attention. Be sure to share content that has a great video or image attached so that your audience will be enticed to engage.

Not only do high-quality images and videos drive more clicks to your LinkedIn Business Page (leading to more followers as traffic increases), but it also encourages LinkedIn’s platform to show your post to more people, generating even further success.

5) Stick to a Consistent Posting Schedule

The most successful companies on LinkedIn are the ones that post regularly. At times their audience is most likely to be online and willing to engage. It’s a great idea to create a content calendar so that you can schedule your posts in a consistent manner.

In order to find the best times that you should post, so please delve into your page’s analytics. They’ll show you when LinkedIn users have been most interested in your content and give you insights on the times that work best and the times that don’t.

6) Use Engaging Hashtags

A major piece of growing a LinkedIn Business Page is optimizing your discoverability through the use of hashtags. If users can’t find you, they won’t follow you, so it’s important you include relevant hashtags in your posts that allow people to search for you more easily.

LinkedIn provides some suggested tags which might be helpful, but what matters most is whether your target audience is intrigued by those tags and searching for them. Align your tags with the ones your audience wants to see, and more people will follow your page.

7) Build Brand Consistency

Brands are meant to invite people in and share their values with customers, making it vital that your company’s brand is consistent and that people know you can be trusted.

At every point a person encounters your brand – whether it’s through your LinkedIn Business Page, your website, or any other touch point – it should promote the same messages and feelings. Conflicting messages will only confuse people and turn them away.

Creating this brand awareness will increase engagement on your LinkedIn Business Page and allow you to better promote your product or service, as your audience will grow to love your brand and feel personally dedicated to helping it succeed.

8) Encourage Audiences to Engage With Your Post

There are multiple ways to leverage your dedicated following for increased engagement. For one, it’s wise to encourage your employees to interact with and comment on your page’s posts as much as possible so that the posts move higher up people’s feeds.

You should also tap into communities and group conversations that are relevant to your business niche. Group interactions with like-minded people are happening all over LinkedIn, so finding them and asking those users to support your relevant content is a best practice.

All of these methods will boost your engagement, which then leads to an increased number of people discovering your page and, ultimately, more followers.

9) Increase Your LinkedIn Followers

There’s no better way to get a quick boost to your LinkedIn account than by simply buying followers. This is much faster than starting from scratch because it encourages LinkedIn to promote your page to more active people, stimulating faster follower growth in the future.

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Final Thoughts

It’s easy to waste time trying to slowly grow your LinkedIn Business Page with outdated methods, but there’s no reason to! With this excellent guide full of LinkedIn marketing strategies, you have everything you need to quickly reach success on LinkedIn.

Follow the best practices detailed above, and you’re sure to expand your Business Page’s reach in no time.

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