Posted on: May 25, 2023 Posted by: James McQuiston Comments: 0

Firefall is a crunchy, hard-driving track that has the Waydown Wailers keep one firmly on the edges of their seats. We’re particularly passionate about the band’s sizzling guitar work. The narrative quality of the vox lay things out in a fashion as robust as any thriller movie. Whether taking up the standards of blues rock, swamp-rock, or traditional hard rock, the Waydown Wailers have one serious hit on their hands with their new effort. We dig the grit, the sludge, and any of the fury that the act has inserted into this track. Pick it up and drop a line on this post with your thoughts.

We have been fortunate enough to cover the Waydown Wailers a few times, most notably interviewing them and writing a piece about their Motor Scooter.

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