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Millions of people worldwide have turned to casino games for entertainment. The popularity of casino games has encouraged game developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming to produce more games. Consequently, there are many options for gamers to choose from.

When you log in to any top-rated casino site, you’ll have 500+ casino games to select from. How do you cut through the chase? What elements do you look at when deciding which casino game to play? The most common factors players consider include the game developer, the difficulty of the game, and house edge, among others.

This article will focus on the house edge. We’ll define it and then present four games with a big house edge. With this information, you’ll know which games to go for the next time you log into your Betway casino account. Let’s dig in!

What is House Edge?

House edge refers to an online casino’s mathematical advantage over the players. It represents the percentage of each amount you wager the casino operator expects to retain in the long run as its profit. This concept ensures casinos have a statistical advantage which ensures their profitability.

The house edge varies based on the casino game you are playing. Each game has unique rules and probabilities which influence the house edge. In this sense, here are the games with a big house edge:


Craps is an interesting game because different bets have different house edges. For example, a 3,11 and all easy hops, hard 4, and 10 have a house edge of 11.11%. On the other hand, 2,12 and all hard hops have a house edge of 13.89%. Finally, any seven has a house edge of 16.67%.


Different variations of Roulette are available, and each has its unique rules. They also have different house edges. For example, American Roulette which has a double zero, has a 5.26% house edge, while European Roulette’s house edge is 2.70%.

This means that for every 1 million USD wagered on the American Roulette table, the casino operator expects to retain a profit of slightly over 50,000 USD. The remaining 950000 USD go back to the bettors.


Slots games are arguably the most popular casino games globally. That explains why most online casinos have more slot games than other games. Also, casino operators love slot games because they have a high house edge.

Generally, online slots have a 4% house edge, but there are some, such as mobile slots, with as low as a 1% house edge. This means if you wager 1000 USD on an online casino, the casino will theoretically make 40 USD from your wagers.

Remember, the house edge varies with the type of slot game you are playing. For example, simple slots have up to 20% house edge, while medium slots have a house edge of five to 10%.


These are lottery-style games and are not very popular in online casinos. The specific house edge for a Keno game varies based on the game and where you’re playing it.

In this sense, the house edge varies between 10 to 40% depending on where you’re playing the game. For example, Keno Megapays’ house edge can be as low as 8.3%.

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