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Summer is the ideal time to host an outdoor party featuring grilled food. Even a simple get-together featuring grilled hot dogs or hamburgers is a welcome treat, but if you borrow some ideas from pros, it’s possible to create a next-level outdoor party. With the right grill and a little creativity, anyone can pull together an unforgettable summer fiesta.

It All Begins with the Grill

As any outdoor cook will attest, the best outdoor meals begin with the right grill. While manufacturers offer dozens of brands and styles, many outdoor chefs feel that Coyote and Summit provide the best products. The Summit vs Coyote grills debate is ongoing, and the right choice comes down to your preference. 

The Coyote Outdoor company is known for its expansive built-in grill line. The business offers various charcoal pellet, gas, and outdoor flattop grills. Their products are well-made, solid, and high performing. Coyote grills are considered an affordable luxury brand. 

Weber has been making grills for over 70 years. The company found success with its iconic Kettle grills and today offers a popular line of gas, electric, portable, pellet, and other grills. Weber is one of the best-known grill companies and has become a household name.

Shelter and Light the Grilling Area

While a quality grill with all the right features is the centerpiece of any outdoor meal, adding a little ambiance to the cooking and eating area is also essential—for example, Gardening Etc professionals suggest adding a shelter over the cooking and dining spaces. Manufacturers offer everything from affordable, chic shade sails to good-looking pergolas. 

Adding shelter can protect guests from the summer sun. You’ll also be safe in case of a sudden shower. After all, the last thing you want is a soggy meal.  

You can also create a light, bright summery setting using fresh flowers and lovely table linens. Create a whimsical theme with stylish tableware, candles, and lighting.  Draping string lights in surrounding trees creates a magical mood.  Spending a little time choosing decor can turn a simple meal into a wonderful memory.   

Serve Something Different 

While everyone loves hot dogs, steak, and hamburgers, you can dazzle guests with unexpected offerings. For example, Martha Stewart suggests grilling pizzas. Create a topping station with cheeses, meats, herbs, and vegetables. Every guest can create a custom pizza the grillmaster can cook perfectly.

Think about serving booze-soaked melon. Consider offering cantaloupe with vodka, honeydew melon with gin, or watermelon with tequila. Serve all three for a refreshing treat that guests will talk about for some time.  

No-bake desserts are also fan favorites and can save you from heating your kitchen by turning on the oven. Think about no-bake cheesecake, popsicles, fruity trifles, or ice cream. And don’t forget s’mores, which are a classic cookout must.

Include Garden Games

Keep every guest entertained and burn off cookout calories with garden games. Set up a ring-toss contest or begin a game of cornhole. Create a game station everyone can easily find once they’ve finished eating. Keep kids busy with games of swingball, rounders, or croquet. 

For a special touch, set up an outdoor movie night. Hang an old sheet, surround it with low-glow lights, and play a movie on a projector. Be sure to provide plenty of cushions and other comfortable seating so guests can lounge under the stars while enjoying the movie.

Anyone can host an unforgettable grilling party by following a few pro tips. You can start with a high-quality grill and create an appealing menu. Create an inviting grilling/eating area by adding a sun or rain shelter, fairy lights, and carefully decorated tables. Serve tasty, interesting foods and include after-dinner games for adults and kids. 

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