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Iowa’s Big Grove Brewery has created a decidedly-dangerous brewery with their current vintage of Richard the Whale, a Russian Imperial Stout. Clocking in at over 12% ABV, Richard the Whale is able to bring the heat while showcasing some of the most sublime smoothness that we’ve ever experienced with that style. The RIS pours with a dark brown, mahogany-ish coloration and with only the slightest amount of tannish head.

There’s a good amount of toasted malt that reaches out from an initial sip, pairing nicely with coffee and hazelnut notes. While there is a bit of burn present during this initial quaff, the beer’s gradual acclimation to room tempurature will moderate this spiciness just a hair. Richard the Whale shines the birghtest when one gets further into the bottle; the cohesion of the Russian Imperial Stout remains as new elements (chicory, a bit of bitterness) are gradually brought into the mix. The bold set of flavors would play nicely when Richard the Whale is paired with strong-flavored cuisine. I can see this working nicely with a filling Italian plate or curries well.

Richard the Whale is a brewery-only release. Check out Big Grove Brewery’s main domain to find out more information about the rest of their offerings plus promotions that are offered over in Iowa City. Keep a look out for additional articles checking out their Easy Eddy and Royal Eddy, a pair of india pale ales.

Rating: 10/10

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