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Sideboards or buffets function as a practical storage solution without explicitly looking like one. This makes it an impressive way to add extra storage space to your home while elevating your interior decor.  A sideboard can be placed in your dining room, hallway, entryway, or living room. The following are 8 sideboards that can be aesthetically pleasing to your home. 

Classic Buffet Sideboard

A sideboard does not have to be extra. You can go for a long, low-profile classic buffet table. Most classic designs come with multiple drawers and cabinets for storing your dining essentials. 

Mid-Century Sideboard

The origin of the buffet-table dates back to the mid-century era, and you can go for a retro-styled unit like this for your space. A mid-century modern side boar typically features a sleek but stylish design with clean lines and tapered legs. It’s perfect for adding a retro touch to your decor while maintaining a timeless look. 

Farmhouse Sideboard

A farmhouse sideboard typically has a rustic but charming appearance. It comes in a distressed finish for modern and classic aesthetics.  You also get ample storage space for kitchenware or other household items.

Wall-Mounted Sideboard

With a wall-mounted sideboard, you can still add a buffet table to your space, even if you have limited floor space. As the name suggests, a wall-mounted sideboard is attached to the wall to provide storage without taking up valuable room on the floor.


Credenzas are similar to classic buffet tables but often have a longer and wider profile. This means you get more surface area to hold or display your decorative items. Credenzas often include a combination of closed cabinets, open shelves, and drawers, providing ample storage space for a wide range of items. 

Sideboard with Wine Storage

Image Via: 1825 Interiors

Wine enthusiasts will find a sideboard with built-in wine racks or a wine cooler as an excellent choice for their living space. In addition to drawers for your dining essentials, this type of sideboard has space to hold your favourite bottles. They come in different styles, from classic to modern, allowing you to find one that complements your decor and preferences.

Mirrored Sideboard

A mirrored sideboard typically features mirrored surfaces at the front or top of the unit. This reflects light, creating an illusion of space in your room. These sideboards also have a sophisticated and luxurious appearance that makes them the focal point in any room they’re placed. Some mirror sideboards have closed drawers and cabinets but could also have an open-shelving design. 

Scandinavian Sideboard

The Scandinavian sideboard design is both simple and practical. This might be your best option if you want a dashboard that offers a minimalist and uncluttered look. Most units are made from natural materials such as light-coloured wood, complete with sleek handles and lines. 

Scandinavian sideboards have a timeless and practical design that blends seamlessly into various interior styles.

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