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We were fortunate to receive a package of Big Grove Brewery (Solon, Iowa) offerings. Citrus Wheat was one of our favorite offerings, pouring with a golden colration and a small amount of white head. It is an eminently crushable beer, providing ample amounts in a style that oftentimes is discounted by beer aficionados. There’s a careful balance between the grain and wheat flavors comprising the main body of Citrus Surfer and the hint of brightness and acid the citrus provides. As such, the beer ends up remaining interesting from an imbiber’s first sip all the way through the end of the can.

We’re particularly enamored with the fact that Big Grove has kept the beer under 100 calories and 0 grams of sugar without sacrificing anything in the way of flavors. There’s a bit of zip (effervescence) that keeps things light and airy rather than veering into cloying and overtly heavy.

Citrus Surfer is found year-round in all of Big Grove’s distribution footprint and should be a go-to for anyone that is trying to bring in individuals that may have only had the chance to taste wheat-heavy macrobrewery products. For additional information about the brewery, their offerings, and other related events, check out their main domain or social media profiles.

We previously experienced Big Grove’s Richard The Whale, one of our favorite brews to be released last year.

Rating: 8.6/10

Citrus Surfer (Big Grove Brewery) / 4.8% ABV / Domain / Facebook / Instagram / Untappd

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