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Blind Emotions, the newest track from Love Crushed Velvet, is an 1980s infused synth-pop track that will have fans immediately paying attention. The layered instrumentation on Blind Emotions acts like an onion. As one continues to play Love Crushed Velvet’s new song, they will continue to find new twists and turns that the act has incorporated within. We’re particularly impressed with the vocal range that A.L.X. achieves here. These vocals end up forging boldly through the track, but contain enough flexibility to be impacted by the synths, drums, and guitars that comprise the single’s body. In an era where dance and pop tracks continually look back for inspiration, Love Crushed Velvet’s Blind Emotions ends up being a must-include for DJs looking to build up their playlists. Check out the video for the song below.

We reviewed Roll The Dice from Love Crushed Velvet late last year.

Love Crushed Velvet “Blind Emotions” / 2024 Self Released / 4:19 / Domain / Instagram / Spotify / Apple /

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