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It’s easy to think of life in broad, prescriptive terms. You need to pay the bills, and to do that, you need to have a source of income. This is going to take up a large portion of your time, making it easy to fall into the typical week/weekend schedule.

However, while it might not seem like it at first, life is free to be lived in the way that you prefer. You might have an idea of what your schedule should look like, but it could feel like nothing more than a pipe dream. That might not be true, but all it takes to get started is knowledge of a way to fund your preferred lifestyle.

Passion Projects

For many people, the idea of making money with something you love feels like an unrealistic ambition. Writing a book, becoming a successful photographer, getting a music career off the ground, or breaking into film. Obviously, some people do this, but it can feel like you’re not encouraged to see it as your main prospect.

It’s true that a lot of these industries can be difficult to break into, but you might find that the only way to do so is through effort. Funding yourself in the meantime can be difficult, but other suggestions on this list, or selling some older belongings through services like can help you to sustain yourself in the meantime.

Freelance Work

The freelance working structure might better help you to customize your lifestyle in a way that suits you. The trick is finding a role that plays well to your skillset. Jobs like content writing and data entry can be accessible to a wide audience, but these kinds of roles can also get much more specific than this. If you’re someone who prefers to work in person rather than remotely, you might look for manual freelance work, something that can give you a varied and active schedule.

Traveling and Working

A desire to travel is something that a lot of people share, but it’s also one that costs a lot of money. Working holidays can provide quite elegant solutions to this problem, offering people a chance to go traveling without needing a wealth of savings.

Of course, the idea of working while you’re on vacation might not make sense to some, but others might be more interested in the travel itself—being in a new place and meeting new people. In this case, a working vacation might be exactly what you had in mind.

Group Enterprises

It might also be that you’re not alone in this. If you have friends who are also looking to live in a way that suits them, you might band together. You might take that literally if you’re all sharing in the musical ambition, but it could also be that you want to go into business together or something similar.

It’s unrealistic to expect this to be pure fun, though, and it’ll still require a lot of work, but sharing a passion with people that you know well might make for a solid foundation that you can build upon easily.

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