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ViennaCC’s “Gold Is What The Girls Want” is an interesting synth-rock track that links together Roxy Music, Devo, and Frankie Goes To Hollywood to make for a tremendously hooky track. The oodles of charisma that ViennaCC’s vocals insert into the single is hard to deny. The dynamic between the vocals and drums push each to a special place, while the dynamic approach to the song’s arrangement ensure that listeners are entranced at what is being offered up during every second of the single. The bright visuals of the video (embedded below) imbue the work with another layer that one can enjoy. Check it out and drop a comment with your feelings about “Gold Is What The Girls Want”.

We’ve previously interviewed the act.

ViennaCC “Gold Is What The Girls Want” / 2024 Self Released / 3:15 / Youtube / Facebook /

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