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ViennaCC always creates music that defies genre conventions. In an era where so much of the stuff that passes through our mailbox merely re-treads familiar territory, ViennaCC’s music always reinvents the wheel. There’s always something new that is presented to listeners whenever the act creates new music. On Ended Love Affair, ViennaCC creates something that takes up hints of industrial, 1980s pop, Kraftwerk-esque electronic and the standards of esoteric figures like Klaus Nomi and Tiny Tim. We like the non-standard time signatures and eclectic arrangements that dominate during the single. This is truly a multi-media experience as the video builds upon many of the trends encountered during the song.

Over the last few years, we’ve covered ViennaCC’s Gold Is What The Girls Want and have conducted an interview with the performer.

ViennaCC “Ended Love Affair” / 2024 Self Released / 3:15 / Youtube / Facebook /

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