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Starting out with a second-wave ska bop, Nuek The Bugs’ new single Bugs will immediately draw in fans. With a nod to They Might Be Giants and Elvis Costello, the vocals act as the more straight-laced side of the track, while the bouncy beat and up-strum of the guitars keep things light. Inserting in just a hint of psych and rockabilly (with Knopfler-meets-Police elements)to the post-chorus section, the act continues to change things up during Bugs’ second half. The production of Nuke The Soup’s latest track allows each side of the band to shine, all while making for a song that could easily pop on to college radio.

We’ve previously covered Nuke The Soup’s Oceans and Mountains, Feed The Fire, and Deeper.

Nuke The Soup “Bugs” / 2024 Self Released / 4:00 / Domain / Facebook

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