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Devil At My Heels has some fantastic guitar licks issuing forth during its run time. Add to that the country-meets-pop approach of Ginny Luke and what results is something that is an amped-up version of a Kelly Clarkson or Maren Morris. The song could easily be brought on modern music playlists, but there’s a lot more meat to the track’s bones. Specifically, the dynamic that is established between the guitars and drums on Devil at My Heels pushes each to a higher plateau. Incorporating an otherworldly violin solo to the track, Ginny Luke has made one of the first must-listen songs that we’ve covered in NeuFutur so far this year. Give it a play and let us know what you think about Ginny Luke’s latest.

We have previously covered Ginny Luke’s Love Hypocrisy, Seductive Cinderella, and Take You On A Trip.

Ginny Luke feat. Orianthi “Devil at My Heels” / 2024 Blue Elan Records / 3:23 / Domain / Youtube / Facebook /

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