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Punk Goes the Velvet by Jupiter in Velvet

With a hip-thrusting groove to lead the way alongside a muddy guitar riff straight off of classic punk vinyl, Jupiter in Velvet’s “Dimestore Suave” rips through the silence ready to pulverize just about anything that comes between its beat and the audience. There’s an aggression to this song, and really all five that you’ll find in the tracklist of the new record Punk Goes the Velvet, that makes the urgency of…

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Jupiter in Velvet Interview

We’re sitting down with Jupiter in Velvet. It’s been a while. What has the band been doing this last year? Well, writing songs, rehearsing, recording, making videos – in addition to living a reckless rockstar lifestyle.

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Jupiter in Velvet Glitter on the Sun CD Review

Glitter On The Sun is the latest album from Jupiter In Velvet, and the compositions that are contained within possess a great deal of evolution from the band’s 2013 effort, Shut Off Your Mind. While the previous JIV album spoke more to the interplay between guitars, drums, and vocals, I feel that the Glitter On The Sun’s introductory salvo – So Automatic – is much more nuanced and controlled. The…