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Glitter On The Sun is the latest album from Jupiter In Velvet, and the compositions that are contained within possess a great deal of evolution from the band’s 2013 effort, Shut Off Your Mind. While the previous JIV album spoke more to the interplay between guitars, drums, and vocals, I feel that the Glitter On The Sun’s introductory salvo – So Automatic – is much more nuanced and controlled. The band is able to slide into a Stabbing Westward meets Placebo sound for this track before gaining speed and capturing the minds and hearts of listeners. The authority which the band assaults listeners continues in tracks like Bring Me Back 2 Life. Where the specific array of snap / clap and gritty vocals are first heard by listeners, the instrumental arrangements of the track gradually swell and threaten to engulf the recording.

Get 2 Where U Want 2 Go has Jupiter In Velvet link the swagger of Iggy Pop and Geddy Lee with hints of “She’s in Parties”-era Bauhaus and mid-eighties Motley Crue.
Je Ne Sais Pas goes back deep into the vaults for a track bundles up the work of The Monkees and The Beatles, albeit with the Jupiter In Velvet touch. The track is an earworm; listeners will be singing along to the lyrics long after Glitter On The Sun ceases to spin. Glitter On The Sun is available from iTunes and Amazon; make it a point to visit the Jupiter In Velvet website for samples of their music, information about their discography, and all of the latest news about the band.
Top Tracks: Get 2 Where U Want 2 Go, Je Ne Sais Pas
Rating: 8.4/10
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