Ska Skank Redemption Wicked Bees Review


Hit’N’Run is the first track on the Wicked Bees EP, and long-time ska listeners will be able to pick out Mighty Mighty Bosstones, early No Doubt, and The Insyderz in Ska Skank Redemption’s overall sound. The production of this release allows the instrumentation to shine as brightly as the inimitable vocals, ensuring that an effort like Sheila could easily make it onto rock radio. Sheila combines elements as disparate as Sublime and 311 with Goldfinger and Less Than Jake.

The infectious nature of the The Aquabats comes through during the hump track, Age Like Wine. A warm horn and a strong narrative fuels the track, while the ropey bass and punctual percussion provides a fullness and complexity that will stick with listeners long after the CD has ceased. Of the five tracks on Wicked Bees, I feel that Age Like Wine possesses the greatest allure. Capped off by a sizzling horn solo, this song speeds up and rides high through its conclusion. Minnesota and Christine showcase the never say die spirit of Ska Skank Redemption; they are on, no matter where on their EP they may be.

The Wicked Bees EP is a rare example of a short-form release that provides listeners with a solid sense of what the band is influenced by and where they may ultimately go on a full length. For those that want to see the renaissance of ska, check out the latest news about Ska Skank Redemption at their Facebook ( Here’s to hoping that they can cut a full-length from the same vibrant cloth which they utilized during the Wicked Bees EP.

Top Tracks: Hit’N’Run, Age Like Wine

Rating: 9.0/10

Zensah Woman’s Compression Socks Review



I am an amateur weightlifter as well as a reviewer for NeuFutur. When I do certain exercises such as deadlifts, snatches, and the clean and jerk my shins require extra protection. Zensah women’s compression socks have become a must have for me during and after my workouts. Zensah’s women’s compression socks provide the right amount of pressure in the calves; the socks are tight enough they increase your blood circulation and in turn bring more of that much needed oxygen to your muscles. This allows for a longer and stronger work out. I also recommend using the socks after your workout. The increased blood flow can also help recovery times and post workout soreness. Zensah women’s compression socks are made of high quality materials with a reinforced toe and heel; you can choose from three different sizes and seven different colors. The socks are light weight and comfortable. They wick away sweat while keeping your body temperature stable. I would recommend these socks to anyone who is active and would like considerably greater support coupled with considerable comfort.

Make sure to check out the Zensah website for more information about the compression socks and the rest of their product line.

Rating: 9.5/10

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  In a harp-driven, foot-tapping ode to Steve Earle and classic Americana, singer/songwriter Chad Kichula releases one of the most upbeat tracks from his latest LP The Whale’s Back with “Me This Time.” The track is the perfect accompaniment to a beer after work and It stands to reason, because unlike so many hard-bitten crooners who sing about manual labor and strife, alt-country singer-songwriter Chad Kichula practices what he pens. By day, Kichula works full-time cutting and pruning trees as the owner of a forestry company. By night, he writes haunting, toe-tapping anthems in the vein of his heroes Springsteen and Steve Earle. “The Whale’s Back”, the debut single from his forthcoming album The Whale’s Back (available Sept 10) is a shambling, ragged ditty, with dueling electric guitar, harmonica, and upbeat spirit lifting the track far above standard, melancholy alt-country fare. The accompanying video, with dazzling animation recalling classic videos by Gorillaz, serves as the perfect visual component to the track.

It took time for Kichula to learn to balance his passion with paying the bills. Having written and recorded music since 1999, it was not until Chad sold his truck in 2005 to pay for his debut album, that he was able to get his music out to the masses. Chad’s self-titled debut was an Americana/Roots-Rock album that showcased his development as a songwriter. Songs like “Sierra Leone” showed he could craft lyrics and tell a story—just as his inspirations Springsteen and Earle had.

After a lengthy break, Kichula came back with Killer in early January 2011, and it took almost two years to complete. Choosing not to record in a studio, Kichula and his co-producer Matt Kaip (Chad Kichula, and Better in the Morning) removed restrictions, allowing them room to experiment. The result captures raw performances and their most creative productions to date.

Harnessing that creativity, The Whale’s Back sessions began in 2012.  With a busier schedule than that of his bandmates, the process took a while to complete. Although Kichula’s previous releases have all had elements of country music, The Whale’s Back will be his debut, strictly alt-country album. Although Kichula is still working a very physical and demanding job to support his music, he has no complaints. It seems like a way of life after all these years, the working side and the creative side combining to make the best and strongest artist possible.

Transitshop Velocity Review


There is something dated about the sound on the debut full length from Philly’s Transitshop. And not in a “cool, this has a real vintage throwback feel to it,” but more of an “I’m gonna recreate an old ‘80s new wave record without really adding anything new to the mix” feel.


The result is a bit of an affected Morrissey croon over some old Spandau Ballet tracks, which is not as bad as it sounds, but not remotely original either. With just 10 tracks, the trio, fronted by Chris O’Brien, seems to have put minimal effort into their debut.


The band, which has played with everyone from Alkaline Trio to State Radio, even  joined Candlebox – another band not exactly remembered from originality – on its 20th anniversary tour earlier this year, so clearly they seem to be impressing someone; Just not me.

Transitshop – Velocity/10 tracks/Rock Ridge/2013



Transitshop Velocity Review


Cage The Elephant are currently premiering two Halloween themed ‘Buzzsessions’ today over at The Wild Honey Pie. Watch both sessions below or click HERE.
The band’s latest highly acclaimed full-length, Melophobia, was released October 8th on RCA Records. The album’s single “Come A Little Closer” is currently #2 on the BDS and Mediabase Alternative Charts. To listen to “Come A Little Closer”, click HERE.


“Cage the Elephant Find Their Style on ‘Melophobia.'”

Rolling Stone


“Cage The Elephant’s return to music has surfaced the outfit’s grooviest efforts yet.”

Consequence of Sound


“…one of America’s best”

New York Magazine


Julian Temple Band Upsidedownbackwards CD Review


My Heart immediately tattoos a rhythm on listeners that lingers long after the track has ceased. The fullness that this track has is utterly surprising – the guitar, drums, and soulful vocals make this a home run. Dark Bar goes off in a completely different direction, as the slower and more brooding feel of this track takes upon hints of Blues Traveler, Dave Matthews Band, and Barenaked Ladies. I feel that the cosy production of Upsidedownbackwards makes this into a must-have album along the smart composition and sheer array of styles and overall sounds that the Julian Temple Band adopt during this release.

Bottle of God signals the end of the first half of this CD, and the rich alternative setting crafted by the band will keep listeners focused in to the second half. Create a Desolation and Bath Salts combine to create substantial momentum for the Julian Temple Band; taken together, these tracks make the middle of Upsidedownbackwards light and airy. Emboldened by these cuts, listeners will be album to take on increasingly complex efforts like Devil on the Other.

Devil on the Other, Upsidedownbackwards’ penultimate track, utilizes interesting time signatures. Instead of standing apart from the bulk of tracks on the CD because of this quality, Devil on the Other fits in perfectly – the Julian Temple Band can even challenge conceptions of what is “good” in music without breaking up the cohesion of the release. The allure of the Julian Temple Band is in their palette – the band can turn on a dime and create a track that has no common referent anywhere else on Upsidedownbackwards. Taken together, this album is a must-hear (and a must-have).

Top Tracks: My Heart, Devil on the Other

Rating: 8.5/10

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Her Bed of Thorns Alive CD Review


Her Bed of Thorns come out of the gates on Alive with some of the most furious hard rock / metal that we have heard this year. There clear and concise style of the band will bludgeon listeners over the head and take them for a ride. Bad Girl continues with this trend, allowing the band’s instrumentation to shine. Whether it is the splashy drums, shredding guitars, or the dynamic that is created by these constituent elements, fans will be able to find something that they will absolutely love. Her Bed of Thorns take on equal parts Machine Head, Sepultura, Five Finger Death Punch, and even more melodic acts (Stone Sour, Corrosion of Conformity) , all while imbuing each cut on Alive with their own inimitable style.

The band is deceptive on this album; while the tracks feel straightforward, there is a much more complex sound that is bubbling through at each juncture. Couple this deep sound with all-star production, and what listeners will hear on Alive is something that is definitely ready for rock rotation.

Help Me shatters the belief that the chaff is placed on the final half of the disc; this late-CD effort slows things up. The emotionality that is present on Help Me is reminiscent of “And Justice for All…”-era Metallica or even “Silent Lucidity”-type Queensryche. The first vocals happen seventy-five seconds into this effort, but the narration provided by the guitar tells just as much of a story as the tortured Alice in Chains-esque vocals here. Her Bed of Thorns creates an alluring album that will have listeners on the edges of their seats from the beginnings of Alive until the end of Wreckless.

Top Tracks: Bad Girl, Help Me

Rating: 8.7/10

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I Give It A Year Review

This British romantic comedy may have come from the producers behind Love Actually, but don’t expect the same earnest, saccharine sweet love story with this one. What I Give It A Year does promise is many more laughs, raunchy at times, but funny none the less.


Written and directed by Dan Mazer (the same writer behind the so wrong, but so funny Borat), I Give It A Year toggles between the past – when newlyweds Nat (Rose Byrne) and Josh (Rafe Spall) met and marry – and the present, when the couple are getting on each other’s nerves and seeing a marriage counselor. This unconventional love story has you rooting for a divorce as the unhappy couple start flirting with others (for Nat it’s her rich American client played by Simon Baker and for Josh it’s his longtime do-gooder ex, played by Anna Faris).

While Baker and Faris are clearly the bigger stars, at least in this country, both Byrne and Spall do a fantastic job of stealing the movie. While not for everyone, I Give It A Year is a romantic comedy that actually manages to be funny. A novel concept.

I Give It a Year/97 mins./Magnolia Home Entertainment /2013


SUTURE: Re-recorded Version of “Carnivorous Urge to Kill” Out Now

The newly re-recorded version of  “Carnivorous Urge to Kill,” the long out-of-print debut album from Louisiana brutalists SUTURE, is out now on Comatose Music.

Originally released in 2002, the re-recording coincides with renewed interest in the band and a growing interest in the early material. SUTURE recently assembled their original lineup and entered the studio to re-record this entire album, along with a couple bonus tracks from the band’s early years. The new recording of SUTURE’s debut album will allow death metal fans to now fully appreciate these songs and hear them how they were meant to be heard in the first place. The album now features amazing guest guitar solos by James Murphy (DEATH, OBITUARY, DISINCARNATE), Rick Rozz (DEATH, MASSACRE) and Jim Nickles (ex-MALEVOLENT CREATION), plus all new artwork that more closely conveys the imagery that SUTURE originally conceived for this release.

SUTURE recently released a video for album track “Carcinoma Contagion,” shot by Mike Holderbeast & Ritchi Rooster of Cement Level Studios in New Orleans. The video is now playing at this location.
Pick up the album now at

“You cannot get out alive after such a heavy album” –

“It’s vicious-therefore BUY OR DIE!!!!!!!!” [9/10] –

Jayson Ramsay- Vocals

Jason McIntyre- Guitar
Lance Strickland – Guitar
Bruno Muenzler-Bass
Brent Smith – Drums

CRYPT SERMON Announce Debut Release

Epic doom metal scions CRYPT SERMON have announced the forthcoming release of their 2013 debut, “DEMO MMXIII” in the form of a limited edition cassette tape via Dark Descent Records. The tape, exclusively limited to 300 copies, is slated for a worldwide release on December 17.

“DEMO MMXII” is streaming in full at

“DEMO MMXIII” Track list:

1.) Temple Doors

2.) Belly of the Whale

3.) Whore of Babylon

Founded on the principles of unwavering epic doom metal, Philadelphia’s CRYPT SERMON exist as a vehicle to drive out the current trends that are choking the underground scene. Devoid of contemporary doom conventions, “DEMO MMXIII” showcases three tracks of carefully crafted old-school doom metal that carries the torch for stalwarts such as CANDLEMASS and SOLITUDE AETERNUS.

Regarding the forthcoming release, the band said: “CRYPT SERMON is thrilled to see our demo finally unearthed. We’d like to thank Dark Descent Records for their support, and look forward to creating new music for the underground. We are currently hard at work writing our full length debut, and look forward to hitting the road in the near future.”

For updated CRYPT SERMON news and tour dates, please visit the CRYPT SERMON  Facebook page, and the Dark Descent Records website.