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Harveyesmeit is the initial effort from Desire, and it provides listeners with a five and a half minute introduction to Neither. The track tells more in the interplay of electronic, tribal, and organic sounds than most acts can tell over the space of an album. Eumeipass  may conform to a traditional song length, but the effort stands separate from what listeners would expect. There is a recasting here of the computer era in a much more ancient tradition. Tying in quite well with the preceding effort, Eumeipass allows Neither ample opportunity to spread eir wings.  Of the initial 10 efforts on Desire…, golicksoliantoad is  one of my favorites. The overall spirit of the album is forwarded through the approximation of the organic through the electronic. I feel that the track does a great job of establishing a dark and brooding backdrop, all while providing listeners with a protagonist – the more heartbeat-like approach that is weaved through the track. The track thus assumes the role of a horror film, replete with the bad guy maintaining a close distance throughout.

For those individuals that wish to hear a complex and fulfilling sort of effort that takes upon hints of industrial, goth, and classical arrangements, Neither’s efforts can be located at eir Bandcamp. One would typically be intimidated by the sheer amount of material that is presented, but Neither is able to draw listeners in and keep them on the edges of their seats. With a different set of styles, approaches, and genres that are broached around each corner, Desire a prerequisite for addiction may just be one of the most challenging (and fulfilling) albums that we have had the chance to review. Visit the website linked below for full tracks and a chance to hear Neither’s musical output.

Top Tracks: inverted air supply, I can see…

Rating: 8.3/10

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