Bud Summers The Way CD Review

That’s Why is the introductory effort on St. Louis’ Bud Summers new album, The Way. This first track does well to showcase Summers’ eclectic blend of styles. Hints of rock, blues, jazz and pop can all be discerned with this first track; the rich musical backdrop that Bud crafts here will ring in listeners’ ears long after The Way has ceased playing. Continue reading “Bud Summers The Way CD Review”

Shelia Moore Piper Are You Ready Chapter 2 CD Review

Shelia Moore Piper hits off her latest release Are You Ready Chapter 2 with Get Excited, a soulful effort that turns up the tempo considerably with hopeful vocals, inspired brass, and an on-point percussive element.  What a Friend (feat. Gene Moore Jr., Derrick Leon & Tachina Danielle) is a tremendously complex track; the contribution of each element during this composition makes for a varied and deep arrangement that stands up to repeat listens. Continue reading “Shelia Moore Piper Are You Ready Chapter 2 CD Review”

Zedd Cleveland “True Colors” Tour Stop (Wednesday, September 30th)

The weather has been a little on the wonky side the last few days, but the Jacobs Pavilion is covered and spirits could not be higher for Zedd’s True Colors Tour date Wednesday, September 30th. Current weather seems to portend a normal autumn northeast Ohio night, with 20% chance of rain and a high of 63. The venue is going to run a lot hotter tomorrow night. Continue reading “Zedd Cleveland “True Colors” Tour Stop (Wednesday, September 30th)”

Ted West – Bittersweet Descent

Los Angeles’ Ted West has released a new track, Bittersweet Descent. This effort is slinky, soulful, and builds off of the work of Placebo and Stabbing Westward. There is a dichotomy of electronic and windswept desert, a complexity that is given further depth with tribal drums and jazzy brass. At the center of the single are West’s vocals, dripping with charisma. Continue reading “Ted West – Bittersweet Descent”

Toaster Pastry (21st Amendment)

Toaster Pastry marks the previous life of 21st Amendment’s facilities; this effort is described by San Leandro’s 21st Amendment as an “India style red ale”. The beer’s name is a bit of a misnomer, but what ultimately results from Toaster Pastry is an eminently drinkable beer that takes the best points of the IPA and red styles and melds them together seamlessly. There is a good malt presence that imbues the effort with a solid amount of grain and bready flavor, while the hops utilized create a citrus and fruit-forward aspect that hides the considerable IBU (74) of Toaster Pastry. Hints of sweet and crisp keep individuals involved with the beer, while the brewery’s 19.2 ounce cans give imbibers considerably more than a pint. Toaster Pastry has a considerable backbone, making sure the delicate balance that is created between sweet/bitter and malt/hop is maintained from the initial opening of the can until the final sip is drank. Continue reading “Toaster Pastry (21st Amendment)”

The Black Tears La Ghooste / Liquid Fabulous

The Black Tears’ La Ghooste is modern rock that is darkly emotive and rich in instrumentation. The layered approach that The Black Tears take during this effort will require a number of spins to hear everything that has been inserted into the composition. Continue reading “The Black Tears La Ghooste / Liquid Fabulous”

Oktoberfest (Left Hand Brewing Company)

Left Hand Brewing Company (Longmont, Colorado) has released their latest seasonal, Oktoberfest. The beer is a marzen with a dark yellow / light mahogany coloration. There is a decent tannish to brown head that laces its way down the glass, with has good amounts of sweet and malt elements. The 6.6% ABV of Left Hand’s Oktoberfest calms down the sweeter elements of the beer; instead of taking on a more prune-heavy taste, there is a certain crispness that is built up with the inclusion of biscuit and toasty elements from the malts. Continue reading “Oktoberfest (Left Hand Brewing Company)”

The Capital Grille Pittsburgh

We were lucky enough to be invited to The Capital Grille in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (301 Fifth Ave) and made our way into the restaurant a few minutes before our reservation. We were invited into The Capital Grille’s lounge and offered a drink in the few minutes while the restaurant prepared for its 5 PM opening; a smart usage of wood, prominent display of luxurious liquors, and plush seats made the few minute wait fly by. Continue reading “The Capital Grille Pittsburgh”

Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC (1980-90)

The 1980s were a boon for independent punk rock scenes in America as kids from the suburbs to the city realized they could start a band with little more than angst and a willingness to play loud music. Washington DC, thanks in part to the conservative Reagan and Bush administrations there, gave rise to one of the most exciting punk scenes at the time. Continue reading “Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC (1980-90)”

All American High Revisited (DVD)

This 1987 documentary was never really considered a seminal film. It was selected for Sundance, seen by some and then forgotten. But with the release of American High Revisited the film gets a second chance. It shows what an average California high school in 1984 looked like, through the eyes of a foreign exchange student attending the school for a year. Continue reading “All American High Revisited (DVD)”