Shenna Walker – “Favor”

Shenna Walker’s latest track Favor will immediately draw listeners in with a very catchy beat, which ties together R&B, funk, and soul before ceasing a bit after the four-minute mark. Walker’s vocals confidently glide over the track. The production of Favor is solid enough to allow each element (instrumentation, Walker’s vocals) ample time to shine on their own, all while contributing to an inimitable sort of sound. The tautness of the production is such that fans will continue finding new twists and turns to Favor long after their initial listen. Continue reading “Shenna Walker – “Favor””

Son & Thief – All I Care About

Son & Thief’s All I Care About is a timeless indie/alt-rock track that succeeds due to smart instrumentation, hooky vocals, and a polished production that allows all elements the proper chance to shine. The dialogue between the guitars/drums and the vocals pushes each side to a higher plateau. A dreamy environment awaits listeners on All I Care About. Continue reading “Son & Thief – All I Care About”

J GRGRY – eFlower

J GRGRY’s eFlower is an eclectic track that includes a beautiful set of vocals, bassy drums, echoing indie rock guitars, and a tempo that matches uptempo EDM efforts. The sheer breadth of styles and approaches adopted here make for a song that all will appreciate, sounding delightful while having some solid instrumental arrangements that will take multiple spins to properly unpack. Continue reading “J GRGRY – eFlower”

In The Whale – American Eyes

American Eyes is a powerful rock track that takes up hints of The Anniversary and Rise Against. Rich, intense guitars provide the stage for impassioned vocals that build off of the framework laid down by Treble Charger and Say Anything. Continue reading “In The Whale – American Eyes”

Vladimir Vojnović – Micro Universe

Only is the first track off of Vladimir Vojnović’s Micro Universe, providing individuals with a solid piece of alternative rock. The raw passion and charisma of Vladimir’s voice is a thread that will continue through the entirety of the album; My Kind of Winter will have listeners engrossed in Vlad’s vocals, the light trapping of electronic sounds, and a strong beat that punctuates the track at all of the right points. Gotta Go succeeds because of the dynamic created between the vocals and a complex piano arrangements. The sheer depth of this track is surprising because Vojnović’s work here starts and ends with these two elements. Continue reading “Vladimir Vojnović – Micro Universe”

WhenTheClockStrikes – The Better Friends EP

The Better Friends EP is the latest release from WhenTheClockStrikes. The energy brought by the first track (Too Many Cooks) permeates through the entirely of the release. WhenTheClockStrikes is able to blend together the strongest sides of Blink 182, Sum 41 and Yellowcard into a hooky and current sounding version of pop punk. A polished production allows the splashy drums, emotive vocals, and crunchy guitar lines to shine alone while contributing to the greater whole. Better Friends (From A Distance) rapidly reaches top-speed; hints of New Found Glory and MxPx can be discerned in WhenTheClockStrikes’ vocals. The emotive guitar work that punctuates this effort will stick with fans long after the track ceases to play. The bit of gravity given the effort through the heavy narrative content of the vocals makes this into a must-listen for anyone wanting to learn more about WhenTheClockStrikes.

Fair Weather has the nuanced and detailed bass line of early Dead Kennedys or Operation Ivy, while the on-point intensity of the drums makes the effort into a wholly new beast in the mid-point of The Better Friends EP. Redemption allows for WhenTheClockStrikes to create a more fuzzy and swirling sort of sound (adopting hints of Alkaline Trio and mest). This emotive rock gives the band another tool to utilize on follow-up releases. Few artists are able to create such a compelling release in such a short frame, but WhenTheClockStrikes is able to have listeners hanging off of every note by the time that The Better Friends EP concludes.

The Better Friends EP ends with the Lumpy Space Mix of Better Friends (From A Distance). The additional electronic elements added to the original Better Friends destines this effort for heavy radio rotation. Check out the WhenTheClockStrikes Facebook for more information about the band.

Top Tracks: Too Many Cooks, Better Friends (From A Distance)

Rating: 8.8/10

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Introducing Merideth Grace Puckett

Merideth Grace Puckett creates impassioned covers of hits, making them all her own. Grace’s version of Ed Sheeran’s Photograph imbues the original with tremendous passion and a wholly different story than the Sheeran version. Continue reading “Introducing Merideth Grace Puckett”

There’s a Way Through By Lori Jean

Ashes on My Cup is the opening effort of Lori Jean’s There’s a Way Through, a track that builds upon the R&B style of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Further hints of trip-hop and trap can be heard in the backing instrumentation, marrying a rich musical past to the present.  Continue reading “There’s a Way Through By Lori Jean”

Night Marcher (Rivertown)

Night Marcher is Rivertown’s Brett-conditioned pale ale, and is one of the most unique beers that we have covered or even experienced this year. The beer pours with a pale yellow coloration and the head is lacking to the point that it does not seem to exist. The initial flavors that one will kick around their mouth is juicy, tying together orange and pineapple flavors with just a hint of hoppiness. While the beer is pegged at 8% ABV, one will not be able to taste anything in the way of alcoholic sharpness. Continue reading “Night Marcher (Rivertown)”

Cooper Phillip – Party By Myself

Cooper Phillip creates a catchy pop / EDM track in “Party By Myself” that builds upon the rich vocals of performers like Echosmith and MØ with a stellar backing instrumentation. Vocal and musical elements are weaved into a confident and hooky composition. Continue reading “Cooper Phillip – Party By Myself”