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There are so many different types of plugins for the myriad electronic devices that people utilize on a day to day basis. This means that one needs to carry around a large number of different chargers, something that is difficult if not impossible to remember when one goes on a trip or leaves for work. The Hub It is a device that goes and provides people with tremendous functionality meaning that one can charge a wide range of different products, link them to computers and otherwise remain functional when transferring from mobile devices to laptop or desktop computers. This device is customizable to allow for one’s specific array of mobile devices to be charged without having to waste additional electricity or have a number of slots taken up by ports for devices that one does not possess. One can actually charge up to 7 devices at one time with the Hub It, while the upgradable firmware of the Hub It means that the device will continue being useful as devices continue to change and modify.31iOe8cVk8L


The different plugs that are present capture the widest range of plugs from mobile devices. The device allows mobile devices great ease in connecting to other computers. Make it a point to purchase the Hub It if the process of charging and syncing mobile devices is a difficult one or if you just want to be free of all of the different chargers that are available for cellular phone, PDAs, and tablets.

Look to spend around $57-65 for a new Hub It; the product is available from Amazon and Best Buy.
Rating: 9.0/10

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