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Hooyoosay has just released their latest effort, Googly Goo. This EP contains two tracks – Googly Goo and Tare Too Te Rut Te (there are also instrumental versions of the two tracks presented. Googly Goo is a fun bit of electronc pop that links together acts like Men Without Hats and Yaz. There is a current and contemporary style to the track that will appease fans of chiptune and EDM styles. The track benefits from complex array of different arrangements that combine to create something that is infectious and will be in listeners’ heads long after the track ceases. The B-side to Googly Goo is Tare Too Te Rut Te stands on its own; it dovetails nicely with the A-side while providing a considerably different style for Hooyoosay. The track meshes together Wendy Carlos (Switched On Bach) with late-nineties j-pop; what results is something that could easily be on the next Katamari Damacy  or Harvest Moon title.61hDidzbUOL._SS280

The Googly Goo EP is available at iTunes and Amazon, and is a must purchase for anyone that is either a fan of the band or of solid music done well. The electric / funk / chill style of the act allows for two impressive tracks to be placed onto disc while providing listeners with a small look into the murky and deep set of influences which Hooyoosay can draw from.

Make sure to visit Hooyoosay’s main domain or social media profiles (listed below) for more information about the act, their latest tracks, and any other sort of live dates or news that may be coming from Hooyoosay’s headquarters.

Top Track: Tare Too Te Rut Te

Rating: 8.4/10

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