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In 2013, photojournalist Lisa S. Johnson turned in a beautiful hardcover edition of her nearly 20 year quest to photograph guitars form some of rock’s most celebrated players. The result was fantastic, but the price of the book was a bit steep for many. A year later, the publisher is back with a softcover version, still wildly impressive, but with a much more palatable $54 price tag.


The book features close ups shots, from various angles, of the guitars that should be familiar to rock fans across the globe. From Willie Nelson’s well-worn Trigger (that also served as an autograph book for Willie) to Rick Nielsen’s checkerboard Hammer guitar, Johnson captured these instruments in such stunning beauty that even those who have never picked up a guitar can appreciate the visuals. Among the hundreds of instruments included in this collection are a who’s who of six string slingers, with guitars by Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, Keith Richards, Ace Frehley, Jeff Beck and many more. Each entry includes a brief write up of the player and their favorite guitars.

The book ends with pictures of Les Paul’s famous Gibson, named after him. And appropriately enough, a percentage money from of each book sold will go to the Les Paul Foundation to support music education and medical research.

108 Rock Star Guitars By Lisa S. Johnson/Softcover/395 pages/Hal Leonard Books


108 Rock Star Guitars By Lisa S. Johnson (Book)

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