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Peppa Pig School Bus Trip DVD Review on

The new Peppa Pig compilation “School Bus Trip” contains 10 episodes of the popular children’s show, captured in one easy to hold collection. The different messages presented in each of these episodes will influence a child during their formative years, ensuring that one is confident with themselves, has a voracious desire to read, and can deal with issues in a fruitful and calm fashion. Of the included episodes, we were most impressed with “Madame Gazelle’s Leaving Party”. A major development milestone for young boys and girls comes in their acceptance of a changing environment, something that is captured well during the aforementioned celebration. Along the way, there is humor and good writing that can be appreciated by those in older age brackets.

Peppa Pig School Bus Trip DVD Review  on

The video quality of the School Bus Trip DVD is impeccable, with an accurate transfer of the animation and a similarly strong audio track. Without the small breaks that are present in normal airings of Peppa Pig, the School Bus Trip DVD represents a solid influence that is separated from consumerist culture that is pervasive through much of children’s programming.

The School Bus Trip DVD contains 10 episodes:

School Bus Trip

The School Camp

Gym Class

School Play

Mister Skinnylegs

Jumble Sale

Sports Day

The Quarrel

Madame Gazelle’s Leaving Party

The Library

The DVD comes with a mini book, “Class Trip”, that will further increase the amount of interest that a child will have in a release. School Bus Trip is available from a wide array of online and brick and mortar locations and will cost around $15-20, dependent on the deals that are currently being offered. For more information about Peppa Pig, visit the linked domain for mini-games, delve into additional stories, and keep up news from this stellar children’s show.

Rating: 8.0/10

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