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Winter Storm is the current seasonal from Heavy Seas Beer, and the beer pours with a dark-brown to orange-reddish coloration and a decent amount of foamy head. The beer provides imbibers with a good amount of malts at the beginning before opening up and presenting spice, toast, and caramel elements. The eclectic set of flavors that are present in Winter Storm ensure that individuals will be as stoked to finish the beer as they were initially opening it. As Winter Storm begins to warm, hoppier elements bubble through and add complexity; this enhancement to the beer cuts the overwhelmingly-sweet tendency of the ESB style.


While pegged at the 7.5% mark, the bold set of flavors that make themselves known during a serving of Winter Storm combine to wholly hide any sort of alcohol burn. This beer would be perfect to warm someone up after a night outside or paired alongside pork roast, beef, lamb, or strong-flavored cuisine. The substantive hop presence in Winter Storm makes this beer into something that even the most Humulus-headed beer snob can pick up and appreciate. The malt base of the Winter Storm means that the beer has considerable backbone, keeping the cohesion of the beer high no matter how long it may take to polishing off the brew.

Heavy Seas’ Winter Storm is available for a limited time (October to December). For more information about the entire panoply of different offerings that the brewery releases on a year-round and a seasonal basis, their domain is a must-visit. Heavy Seas’ social media presence is great for finding out information about new product announcements and brewery-sponsored events. We have reviewed a few Heavy Seas efforts in the past, including Red Sky at Morning  ,  Smooth SailBlack Cannon and The Great’er Pumpkin .

Winter Storm / Heavy Seas / Imperial ESB / 7.5% ABV / / / / /


Rating: 9.0/10

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