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The Very Fairy Princess is a set of four stories – the titular tale, Extra Yarn, The Amazing Bone, and My Garden. Extra Yarn, written by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jon Klassen (This is Not My Hat) discusses how one can utilize their imagination to transform normal life into something fantastic. What initially is something that keeps a child interested can involve a family or town; all one needs to do is dream and one’s dreams can be realized.


The Amazing Bone was written and illustrated by William Steig (Shrek) and provides viewers with a sense that animals can possess the same sort of feelings and emotions as humans. By providing this comparative aspect to non-human creatures, viewers will be shown that life of all sorts is valuable.

The Very Fairy Princess concludes with My Garden, a story both written and drawn by Kevin Henkes (Olive’s Ocean, Billy Miller). This tale challenges those watching to create something fantastical with their imagination. While everyday life may be a little on the boring side, the unmatched power of the brain can create something wholly engrossing from nothing. By fostering the usage of a child’s intellect, The Very Fairy Princess DVD will provide viewers with the tools that they require throughout their lives. The stories are great in providing a touching tale that will prepare children (2/3-9/10) to enter into society.

The extras present on The Very Fairy Princess DVD provide a look behind this children’s show, with an interview conducted with Emma Walton Hamilton and Julie Andrews. This DVD will be available from physical and online retailers for around $15; check out the Scholastic sub-site on Newvideo for a full listing of the titles that the company has and will be releasing. Viewers can read-along with the stories, providing much-needed experience during one’s formative years.

Rating: 8.5/10

The Very Fairy Princess DVD / 2015 eOne / 37 Minutes /

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