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Uncle Tadashi & Da Boyz – My Old Stompin’ Ground is a track that possesses a timeless quality. The ability of the act to create such a sweet and soulful song with their latest sound is amazing; while there are 7 distinct forces here, the music that they create is unified and with a singular goal. The passion and care taken in creating this effort means that anyone that fancies themselves a fan of music will find something that they can appreciate. My Old Stompin GroundMy Old Stompin GroundThe vocals are reminiscent of John Denver, while possessing a richness that further bolsters the instrumental side of things.

The instrumental progression of My Old Stompin’ Ground is deceptively smart; while it seems as if Uncle Tadashi & Da Boyz is playing it pretty safe during the 3:40 run time of their latest single, there is a considerable amount of territory covered by the act. A multi-part vocal harmony is included at points to great effects; while one may want it more often, the small amount of time when it is actually present during My Old Stompin’ Ground will have listeners sitting on the edges of their seats until they can hear it again. Listeners will be fulfilled by this composition as they can immediately identify with the sentiment contained within. While there are a specific set of memories that are associated with this single, this easy adaptability to a listeners’ experiences makes this into a hit that works on a variety of levels.

If you like what comes forth on My Old Stompin’ Ground, make it a point to check out Uncle Tadashi & Da Boyz’ domain or CDBaby for further information about their discography.

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