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WhiTeNoySe begins his Jumped on a Plane with Alice, a trippy bit of rap music that expands upon what listeners will experience with the style. The richness of the backing instrumentation here will ensure that listeners are firmly on the edges of their seats. No Dreams has a more sinister, brooding sound that continues to allow WhiTeNoySe with ample opportunity to tell a story. Hints of The Streets and Eyedea can be discerned here; the track is a high-water mark for Jumped on a Plane as WhiTeNoySe is able to further both the lyrical and the musical sides of things with his inimitable vocals.WhiTeNoySe Jumped on a Plane

Fully Loaded is an evolutionary step forward from Kid Cudi, with wide-open atmospheric backing beats providing ample highlighting to WhiTeNoySe’s flow. The melange of styles makes this into a memorable album; where many acts are continuing trap and similar styles, Jumped on a Plane is attempting to create something new for 2016.

Imaginaries is a refreshing track. Scores of artists tend to put their weaker efforts at the end of their albums, but WhiTeNoySe is able to keep the energy and momentum of Jumped on a Plane high from the introductory strains of Alice all the way out out to the concluding notes of Comet78. Comet78 is a punchy track with a laidback flow; the richness of the dynamic between performer and his backing beat pushes each into an entirely higher plateau. The track twinkles brightly in these concluding moments of 2015, with more than enough gas to have listeners be bumping the disc well into the beginning months of 2016. For more information about this performer and his latest release, check out WhiTeNoySe’s domain and social media profiles.


Top Tracks: No Dreams, Fully Loaded

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