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Brandon James is gaining a head of steam before his new EP is released on February 1st. This Chicago-born, bred, and based performer builds on a tremendously deep R&B tradition while establishing his own unique take on the art form. On tracks like “How Does It Feel”, James is able to create a sultry and soulful sound that will shake listeners to their very core. Perhaps most alluring about James’ music is how well the instrumental and vocal sides meld together to create something unified; what will issue forth on this new EP are some of the most sultry and soulful sounds that listeners have heard. Brandon JamesTouching upon the work of performers like R. Kelly, The Isley Brothers, and Aaron Neville, Brandon James is able to pull in contemporary sounds to establish himself at the head of current slow jams. 

There She Goes (Somebody) is a hopeful track that showcases Brandon James’ unique ability to create a narrative along with adding further depth and complexity to the backing instrumentation of the track. The track’s dynamism has each constituent element the opportunity to shine – sizzling horns, on-point percussion, and the dulcet tones of James’ vocals. If I Only Knew is perhaps the most interesting of James’ tracks as it showcases the performer’s ability to keep listeners hanging on every word. Where a great many performers would have difficulty stringing fans along from the initial note all the way to the final beat, James is able to utilize a slower tempo to really hammer home an intricate web of feelings, desires, and thoughts into a cogent and always affecting narrative. For more information about Brandon James and samples of his music, take a trip to his domain and social networking profiles.

Brandon James’ Surreal single is out on iTunes and other digital music providers currently; keep an eye out for his latest EP in February.

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