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Rum King is an Imperial Stout from Minneapolis’ Indeed Brewing. The effort is aged in rum barrels, and pours with a dark brown to inky black coloration. A decent amount of mocha-colored head sits on the top of the pour. One can immediately smell the alcohol and rum burn issuing forth from a snifter; prepare to have your breath taken away with the first pull of Rum King. After this boozy, sweet, velvety and malty effort calms down on an imbiber’s lip, subsequent sips will showcase a deep and detailed set of flavors that will continue shifting and changing from the beginning to the end of this 22 ounce bottle.


Vanilla, bitter floral hops, brown sugar, toffee, and chocolate all combine in Rum King to make something that will continue to shift and change as the beer continues to warm. The beer expands to include notes of wood, leather, and smoke. Rum King refreshes individual’s expectations about what an imperial stout is supposed to be; there is a more lively body here due to greater carbonation, while the beer ends emphatically rather than sitting lazily one a tongue long after the effort has been drank.

Indeed’s Rum King is available for a limited time. This imperial stout is bombastic and dangerous, full of vim and vigor at the current; place a bottle or two in the cellar and see how the constellation of flavors shift and change over the course of a year or two. For a full array of information about the brewery’s year-round and seasonal offerings, visit their website. Indeed’s Facebook and Twitter are perfect places to learn about new and upcoming efforts from the brewery.

Rating: 9.7/10

Rum King Imperial Stout / Indeed Brewing / 10.5% ABV / / / /

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