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Journey Room - Pixelfox

Up and coming artist Pixelfox has really struck a chord, no pun intended, with his latest release “Journey Room”. The album is deep and melodic reminding listeners of 80’s pop with a modern flair. Compelling rhythm and solid production makes the album interesting and worth playing again and again. This is a very strong release for a debut album of such a young artist. The album itself is deep and pensive, each song is memeroable and provides a look into the soul of the artist not only as a singer but a person.
My favorite track from the album is “life”, in this song Pixelfox utilizes a catchy synth mix with a small amount of bass to make a very memorable song.

The lyrical content is solid featuring musing of losing hope but regaining it. The production of the song makes it radio ready. The hook is lasting and leaves an impression on the listener. If I were going to recommend Pixelfox to an audience I would say fans of Ed Sheeran would enjoy this artist.
The singer of Pixelfox has an interesting release with “Journey Room”, another song that I enjoyed of the album was “Maybe The Next Time”. This song was a more adult, rock song definitely one you will find yourself singing along to all day. Again, heavy synth melodies accompany striking vocals to create a very familiar yet fresh pop sound. The production of this track is well balanced allowing the song to flow organically with no awkward spaces between breakdowns.
If you are interested in checking out Pixelfox you can check out his website at and you can also find the record on iTunes or Amazon.

Top Tracks: Maybe the Next Time, Angel in Despair and Life

Rating: 8.5/10

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