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Many Mountains is a triad of performers from Colorado; their Lost in Love is an engrossing EP, conveying more over the course of four songs than many bands can hope to impart upon their fans in 10. I feel that this is due to the engrossing instrumentation, the ability for each member of the band to shine alone or together, and a sound that is wholly unique while able to engage listeners. Keep in Mind is pure Americana, with hints of alt-country and folk that resound loudly. There is little more to this effort than a guitar and a set of vocals, but the raw emotion that is included here is nothing less than amazing. Many Mountain is able to bring additional elements – guitar fuzz, a fun little solo – that make the track’s 3-plus minutes go by effortlessly.

Listeners will hear all of that and more during the four tracks that comprise the EP. The titular effort on the EP showcases the care that the band takes when crafting a track; the effortless ability that Many Mountain have in blending together distinct styles including mid-nineties electronic music and traditional alternative and indie rock styles makes this track into something that stands up to multiple listens.

Changing Minds is the final track on the Lost in Love EP. The guitar/drum dynamic adds a bashful, contemplative sound to this ultimate cut. Listeners will be locked to the edges of their seats with the narrative ability of the vocals. The Lost in Love EP is available from the band; give their website and social media profiles a spin if you want to hear the latest news.

Top Tracks: What’s The Difference, Keep In Mind

Rating: 8.3/10

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