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Help ATMIG's Kickstarter

ATMIG has just went over their goal amount for their Kickstarter, but additional funding will ensure that this will be a release for the ages. The set of rewards that the band offers for their backers is considerable, a donation at the $35 mark will net a fan a signed copy of the vinyl or a T-shirt / digital download. For those that are yuge fans of vinyl, the next tier – $50 – means that you could get an early number vinyl or a ball cap / vinyl combo. 

As one continues to give larger amounts, the rewards become ever great. We were pretty shocked at what ATMIG offers when one gives at the $500 level. A donation at that amount will have the band set up shop for a night at your house (provided you are in the midwest). Finally, the $1,250 mark will get you a vintage Epiphone guitar

So why you should you donate? Simply put, ATMIG is creating some pretty impressive music. We prominently featured the band back in may with our coverage of their “Trip” single, and we’re confident that the band will continue to cut inimitable indie rock when they get to recording their debut EP. Secondly, the band will be using a variety of Michigan institutions including Soundscape Studios in Royal Oak and Jack White’s Third Man Pressing to make sure that the resulting release is the best that it could conceivably be.

So, make sure to scrape together a few pennies and throw ATMIG a donation. We’re excited about the band’s debut LP and you should be as well. Check out the video below and let us know at NeuFutur what you think; we’re thinking that there’s a bit of early Smashing Pumpkins in the track beyond the band’s own unique take on indie rock.


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