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On Only U, Sydney’s own JDR are able to create an approachable and unique take on EDM / electronic music. The track is able to build off of the work of musicians like Major Lazer and Deorro. A R&B-infused set of vocals link together performers as diverse as Ne-Yo and Chris Brown. The island sounds presented during Only U keep things bouncy and fresh through these increasingly-cooling late fall and winter elements. The numerous twists and turns that are presented to listeners during Only U will have them continually come back for more – there is a surprisingly deep sound that is fostered during the single. Fans will be able to strap on a favorite pair of headphones and focus on in to each of these dynamics to get a further replay value out of Only U that is unparalleled in most modern dance music.

I feel that Only U is the perfect introduction to JDR. It showcases a wide array of influences that ultimately bubble through on the track while giving fans some semblance of a biography about the act. We’d like to hear more from JDR in the future and would like to hear how they grow and develop over the course of the next few years. Only U is a tremendous introduction to the act, something that feels destined or considerable playlist presence as well as remixing by a legion of different producers around the world. Check out the Facebook link below for more information about JDR, while their Only U is embedded in this story.

Rating: 8.6/10

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