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From design proposals to purchasing building materials, the journey to a customised outdoor living space can be an overwhelming process. Picking the right location and contractor are among the factors that make it easier and much more enjoyable. It is important to be aware of what you want to achieve and identify the best contractor for the job to implement your plans for the perfect patio area.

Private and Social Spaces

  • Determine whether the space will be for intimate family enjoyment or large scale entertainment.
  • An outdoor kitchen setting that is designed for a small family will be significantly different from one that has been built to cater for larger social gatherings. This is particularly important when you are looking for an experienced contractor to ensure that you do not end up with less than you need or more than necessary.
  • An experienced and reputable contractor will be familiar with the requirements for accommodating the purpose of your patio.
  • Make sure you have clear idea of how you want to use the patio space.

Seasonal and Annual Usage

  • Regardless of the number of seasons you have, changing climate will influence how your outdoor space is utilised. Consider whether you need something that specifically caters to your favorite season or accommodates usage throughout the year.
  • It is also important to consider the element of how the patio addition will affect activities within the home. For example, customised patio coves without lighting or skylights will have an effect on the amount of sunlight that the side of the home will have access to.
  • Unsuitable types of concrete would be hazardous and slippery options for homes that are exposed to freezing temperatures or heavy rainfall, especially on stairways and slopes. Visit Additions Patios Brisbane


  • Proper patio maintenance varies with different homeowners and opportunities and solutions will always be available to accommodate this element of outdoor living.
  • From making a choice between a gas or wood burning fire place, cable or glass railing, composite or natural wood decking as well as including storage benches or heaters, all homeowners should be reflective and committed in their approach to maintaining their additional space.
  • You also need to be aware of maintenance warranties and requirements for products you choose. This will further ease your outdoor living project and extend the life of your patio. Understanding these factors will help you find a suitable contractor for your project and ensure your project goals remain on the right track.

Different Patio Styles

  • Patios are typically exposed and open. Their visual appeal spills over into surrounding areas. If you do not want to feel exposed, think about including an overhead structure such as a pergola that will create a sense of containing the patio.
  • For private outdoor rooms, a sense of privacy can be effectively created by using walls of the garage or house. You do not have to enclose the area completely. Consider building a screen or fence that encloses a portion of the patio and leaves other sides open. A partial enclosure makes the patio suitable for outdoor dining.
  • A patio that is located close to the home offers several benefits. It will be visible from the house and is likely to be used more.

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