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Lexie Rose’s rise from under the radar budding songwriting talent to major global star begins with this five song EP release. On My Own finds the seventeen year old giant in the making working alongside top notch producer Max Allyn to craft a collection that aims high and consistently hits its mark. It isn’t just breathtaking to hear a young songwriter so capable of learning from her collaborators; it’s equally amazing to discover a young talent whose command over a variety of textures seems so complete that the future is rife with untold promise. She’s made some appearances at top tier venues and it is apparent why after you’ve heard these songs. Lexie Rose’s On My Own is one of the best releases you’ll hear in 2018 and grows on you with each additional hearing.




“20 Weeks” is the unquestionably best choice for the EP opener. It introduces her songwriting style as something personal, yet relatable, as she works mightily to communicate experiences and reactions that anyone who has ever loved and dreamt can identify with. Her vocals are inspired; there’s no question that she brings tremendous energy to each of the EP’s five songs and there isn’t a hint of self consciousness in her performance. The vocal excellence of the songwriting and her approach to it comes across most strongly in the second and third song on this EP. “Join Me” has a stronger balance between the arrangement and her singing while the track “Wrong” seems, somewhat, like it was specifically written and designed as a vocal centerpiece for Lexie Rose. There’s a lot of space and theatricality in the songwriting on “Wrong”, but Lexie Rose and her creative partners know how to present it while avoiding self indulgence.




“That’s Why” will have vast appeal over streaming and radio thanks to its sweeping pop feel and the presence of memorable musical and vocal melodies. The lyrics, as well, rank among the best on the   EP and Rose delivers them with a conviction outstripping her already amazing vocal performances on the earlier numbers. On My Own ends in a very impactful way with its title track and she seizes the opportunity it presents for putting a wider spotlight on her band’s talents and her own skills for making the most dramatic use of an arrangement. On My Own is a marvelous outing for any performer, but it’s practically transformative coming from someone so young because it’s rather astonishing to consider how much more she’ll grow before reaching her artistic peak. Lexie Rose is off to a truly memorable start with her musical career and we’ll undoubtedly be hearing more from her over the coming years that far outstrip this jaw dropping effort. It’s immaculately structured and packs a meaningful emotional wallop that lingers long after the last note fades away.





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