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How excellent is your writing expertise? Would you like to earn money writing?

We have found a list of 7 print and digital mags that pay $500 per post, in some cases more, and in some cases less. A few of the payment details are derived from payment reviews; some it’s evidently found by the editor on the submission webpages. Take into account that you may still have to work out your rate of pay.

1.  MEL

MEL is actually a men’s site made by the Shave Club. They include “sex, associations, wellbeing, money, and tradition from a man point of view despite the fact that we aren’t all masculine (and are not always certain exactly what that means).” Payment reviews show rates 25 and 60 cents per word.

2.  The New Food Economy

The New Food Economy is usually a not-for-profit site. They are curious “in a start-up business and financing models, food security, nourishment, financial aspects, insurance plan and the wide-open core of the foodstuff supply chain: every little thing that takes place between plantation and fork.” One payment review signifies a rate close to $500 for any feature post.

3.  Racked

Racked covers shopping, having a specific fascination with “the 4 way stop of national politics and style and elegance.” Additionally, they buy personal essays and pay for a research paper. Reviews show they pay out more than $500 for feature posts. To acquire more information, read their writer rules.

4.  YAM

YAM Magazine is actually a local journal addressing the higher Victoria, B.C. region. These people pay 45 cents per term for options between 1,250 and 4,000 words. To acquire more information, read through their submission rules. This is simply the kind of local journal many authors build their occupation with.

5.  Boys’ Life

Boys’ Life is a regular monthly mag authored by the Boy Scouts of America. Content articles ought to interest and amuse kids of 6-17. They include an extensive selection of non-fiction, from expert sports to United States history. Division sections consist of character, flight handling, health and fitness, animals, heritage, and songs. A number of words: 500-1,600 for significant non-fiction posts; as much as 800 for divisions. They pay: $500-1,600 for key non-fiction articles or blog posts; $100-600 for divisions.

6.  How

How is undoubtedly a good mag for graphic artists that talks about the business enterprise and market. Due to the fact it is 675% self-employed written, the publication is usually looking for articles that debate industry statistics, developments, problems, and much more. They acknowledge both inquiries and unrequested manuscripts via postal mail. In accordance with an earlier version of their submission suggestions, they usually pay $250 to $800, based on intricacy and expertise.

7.  Smarter Travel

Smarter Travel comes up with slideshows and feature time-span reports about a”range of customer travel subjects, such as booking methods, conserving money, staying away from ripoffs, packing ideas, the best places to head out, journey technology, travel developments, and travel recommendations that signify all sorts of vacationers and holiday experiences.” They usually pay $500 for long-form posts as well as $100 to $250 for short articles. To acquire more information, check out their submission rules.


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