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Whether you have multiple transfers on planes or are going on a road trip with your friends, one of the key survival tips to use is to learn how to keep yourself entertained. It is very possible to feel boredom on a trip, especially when the reason for your wait is a delay, either caused by traffic on the road or bad weather at an airport. By knowing how to stay calm and keep having fun, you can make the most of every part of your trip. Follow these steps, and you’ll be sure to pass the time:


Keep a Log of Your Travels

If you are already well underway for your trip, the time spent waiting in transit is the perfect time to write down your thoughts and about what happened so far. The more effort you put into journaling your travels, the better a souvenir you can make for yourself down the line. Add in photos, quotations, videos, and your personal account of what you did, what you saw, and how you felt. In the future, you will be able to look back on what you felt and who you were. Being stuck in traffic is the perfect time to work on this.


Have Movies and TV Shows Downloaded

Phones, tablets, and personal computers all have extensive storage features, meaning that you can easily download your favorite movies and watch them on the go. Mobile devices even have the option to download shows and movies to watch offline from key distributors like Netflix, making it an easy way to pass the time while you wait.


Play Games

Games are excellent ways to pass the time because they place you as an active participant. Since it is your decisions and your skills (and your luck) that dictate how a game will play out you are already more engaged than watching media alone. You could kick up the thrills of playing a game even further by finding online casino games to try your luck at. Discover more of these games and more so that you can have fun and pass the time.



When in doubt, sleep through it! There might not be comfortable places to lie your head down, but if you can manage it nothing will pass the time faster than if you sleep. Of course, this option is better for when you are in a car and less so if you are in an airport or train station. You wouldn’t want to miss your flight! Similarly, on trains it can be dangerous to fall asleep, lest you miss your stop and need to double back.


Making the most of your time waiting is the best way to get through it. You won’t be going anywhere anyway, and being angry or frustrated with the delay isn’t going to help. Instead, try to be productive. Stay entertained, talk to friends, play games, or even catch up on some rest. We all need downtime on our travels, so try to consider delays or traffic as just extra reasons to relax before you continue on your journey.

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