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The movie “Chef,” starring and directed by Jon Favreau is a foodie favorite, and definitely worth a road trip pilgrimage. It concerns the renowned chef Carl Casper, who has a fall from grace from the restaurant industry. He then purchases and restores a food truck, which he takes on a road trip with his son from Miami to Las Angeles. Along the way, they develop a strong fan base, serving some distinctive and thoroughly delicious looking Cuban food. Here are some delicious ideas for your own “Chef ” road trip.

Versailles Restaurant

Before you take a trip in your car, the first stop in Miami definitely has to be the Versailles Restaurant and Bakery where Casper rediscovers his love for Cuban food. The restaurant specializes in timeless classics like the sandwich Cubano, plantains and milk cortadito. It is extremely popular with locals, even though it seats 370 people, there will often be a wait for tables. However, for the mouth-watering palomilla steaks, this is entirely worth it.

Cafe du Monde

The El Jefe food truck made a stop in New Orleans, Louisiana. On your “Chef “road trip, you should definitely head down to the famous Cafe du Monde for some of those sugary, beignets. These tasty fried fritters were brought to Louisiana by the Acadians, sometimes filled with fruit, but best plain, with a little cinnamon. With a dark, rich espresso first thing in the morning, these are definitely the best way to start the day before you get back on the road.  They are best eaten fresh, no matter how tempting it is to take a sackful with you to eat on the journey.

The Brig

Completing this road trip of a lifetime, your Los Angeles stop is The Brig. This Venice bar is famous for its food trucks as well as the cocktails and the atmosphere. You could eat a different cuisine every night and never grow tired of the different taste sensations. From hot dogs to noodles, to grilled cheese. In the movie, this is where Carl and his son completed their road trip, which has certainly been a voyage of discovery, both in terms of the love of food and their relationship. Finally, in Los Angeles, they have cemented their family back together and served some delicious Cuban sandwiches along the way.

A “Chef” road trip is not just a chance to drive around and eat. It’s about discovering your passions, and what you truly want out of life.

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