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How many photos do you reckon you take in a year? If you’ve got a smart phone with a built in camera, you can snap away at any minute of any hour of any day. Even taking just five photos a day will give you a yearly total of 1,825.

That’s too many photos to be uploading to Instagram or Facebook. So, what else can you do with them all, other than leaving them on a memory card in a smart phone, never to see the light of day again?

We’ve got some ideas. Here are six of the coolest ways to display your photos.

Make a photo clock

Making your own clock may sound complicated but it really isn’t. Simply take a photo that will make a nice silhouette – like of a favorite pet for example – glue it to a foam board, cut a hole through the middle to attach your clock movements through and mark four dots on the photo for noon, quarter past the hour, half past and quarter to and bingo, you’ve got a personalized clock. These can make great gits at Christmas and birthdays as well.

Line your bookshelves with photos

Got a bookshelf somewhere in your house? Then why not use it to display photos by printing them out to be the right size and sticking them on the wall between shelves. It makes for much more interesting shelving than plain old wood or the wall behind.

Transfer a photo to a canvas

More and more people are turning photos into sophisticated canvas prints for their homes. It’s cheap and relatively easy to do with loads of companies out there offering easy canvas prints and it’s a great way to display images.

Put photos on old jars and use them as candle holders

If you like having candles around your home, then you can use them to help display your photos. Take an old glass jar and stick a greyscale image around it before placing a candle inside. Because the photo is grey, the glow of the candle will shine through meaning you can illuminate your home with a beautiful piece of homemade art.

Turn your photos into a calendar

Replace that calendar featuring photos of dogs or countryside scenes with one made with your own pictures with custom printable calendar service. Then whenever you need to note down that doctors appointment or the kids school trips, you’ll be confronted with a happy family photo rather than a sad looking Doberman.

Take your photos and put them on a deck of playing cards

If you love playing games involving cards, then you can make your own personalized deck to show off your photos. All you need is a set of standard cards and 52 photos resized to be 2.5 x 3.5 inches, which is normally the same size as a standard deck. After that, just print them out and stick them on using adhesive glue and you’ve got yourself a unique and fun way to display your photos.






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