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Five albums into it, Boston’s Sarah Borges has perfected that mix of alt country with punk influences; like Willie Nelson in a worn-out Sex Pistols shirt.

“Love’s Middle Name,” kicks off with tight, jagged guitars and Borges hard-to-ignore rasp on “House on the Hill,” boasting some of her stronger rock impulses, followed up with the fantastic “Lucky Rocks,” another song that finds her stepping on the distortion pedal. But, just as quickly, she lurches to the beautiful, slow tempo “Oh Victoria.” Lyrically, she’s also at the top of her game, casually tossing off great lines like “Are you still takin’ them pills/does your coat still sound like a maraca when you’re walking up and down around the Tennessee hills” (of the addictive “Are You Still Takin Them Pills”).

At it since 2005, both as a solo artists and frontwoman of a full band, Borges has managed to get just a little better with each successive record, all without managing to sand off too many of the rough spots that made her music so appealing in the first place. Nearly half a dozen records in, with “Love’s Middle Name,” Borges has managed to top herself yet again.

Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles – Love’s Middle Name/10 tracks/Blue Corn Music/2018

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