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Children grow not just based on what you teach them, but on what they see and interact with in the environment around them. This is why a lot of people say technology plays such a huge role in their development, as the way they use technology in their daily lives can help determine if they can adapt to them or if they’re going to solely depend on them. This can make tech gift buying a bit of a conundrum for a lot of parents. Fret not, though, as this Parenting 101 article will give you considerations to check when buying tech gifts for your children.


Parenting 101: Tech Gifts Have Risks, Rewards

If you feel overwhelmed with choosing gifts for children, it’s perfectly normal. This is especially true as some kids tend to be picky recipients. Unfortunately, this also puts personalized gifts at a disadvantage, as while personalizing does help showcase a sender’s personality, it often doesn’t end up giving recipients exactly what they are looking for.

Becoming a parent can be one of the best things to happen in anyone’s life, as taking care of children can produce the most wonderful feelings in the world. That is, until you decide to get tech gifts for your kids, then it can become very overwhelming. After all, the many toy ideas for your kids today can make choosing gifts tricky — but not impossible. Here are some tips:

    • Consider the interests of your child before choosing: While you may have some idea as to the kind of tech toy you want to get your child, try looking for things that actively interest them. Are they more the reading type? Do they like physical activity? Do they prefer to be alone, or with others? These are all important factors when it comes to getting toys that may eventually have them either develop their interests or go out of their comfort zone to grow into better individuals.
    • Try gauging the tech gift according to what you hope they can learn: With the above taken into consideration, try to see what sort of thing you want your child to learn. If they’re the kind of child who wants to play alone and you want them to socialize, perhaps a gadget that can help them with that would be a good idea. Or, if your child is the kind to tinker around with their toys, perhaps a gadget that encourages them to do just that would be perfect? As much as possible, try to meet a balance with what your child’s interests are with what you’re hoping they’ll learn.
    • Avoid gadgets that command your child: A lot of “tech” gadgets are really just sophisticated toys with very little features. These include toys and dolls with fancy movements or noises. Try to choose gadgets that allow children to use their imagination — toys with super straightforward features can leave children bored with them once the novelty has worn off. This means choosing gadgets that give them platforms to play, instead of directing how they should play. Aside from smartphones, laptops, and tablets, there are toys like programmable robotics kits with LEGOs or remote control vehicles that can offer your child a lot of room for creativity.
    • Try getting a gadget that fosters your child’s creativity: Another tip to consider during your search is to look for a toy that actually helps develop their creativity. At first, this might seem tricky, given that things with screens often have limited usage. However, getting your kids smartphones and helping them use these gadgets with appropriate parental guidance can give them access to a healthy library of videos and applications that can entertain them to no end.
  • Get a tech toy or gadget they can play with multiple friends: You can also try to look for gadgets or toys your child can enjoy with multiple friends. Some tablets and smartphones have applications with a ton of games fit for multiple players. Other gadgets, such as LEGO robotics kits or even remote-controlled cars, can be played with groups of people at a time to foster teamwork, cooperation, and friendship.

Gadgets Are Fun, But Still Come With Risks

Getting gifts for your children can be quite the challenge, especially if you’re aware of their varying interests. If you think tech gifts might be their thing, it’s important to consider the above factors first in order to ensure the kind of gadget or gizmo you’re buying is something worth their time and energy. After all, technology poses risks and rewards, and these are all present with technology toys.




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